Make-Up Trends of the Fall 2020

This fall is all about making a statement. Be bold, strict lines, big brows and red lips.
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Strict and edge cutting - is the unusual, yet extravagant motto of this season. Autumn, notorious for its usual warm and earthy colour palette, made a 180 degree turn this year. Just like anything else in 2020.

This time, the color pallette ranges from from different varieties of blue, pink and even grey. And when following the advise of fashion gurus, the key is to only highlight one distinct face feature.

Whether it’s the eyes, lips or the brows - make it visible, but not all at once. 


Out of the holy trio - the eyes are the main focus this time. Whether its fuchsia red or shimmering silver, the colours can be mixed and matched into one bold look.

To create a cat-like gaze, bright and distinct eyeshadows come into play, bringing attention to the shape of the eye. In order to make it even harsher, a charcoal-black eyeliner is used, emphasizing the strictness of fashion this year.



Another distinct feature of this fall are eyebrows, once again. After having re-lived the full “brow” circle including trends such as fishtail brow, mono-brow or the halo brow, the circle has closed, ending with the famous bush brows. Making them darker, bigger and fuller is not merely the fashionable, but also accentuates the beauty of the eyes.


Apart from the eyes, lips also play a distinct role in this falls’ make-up.

Strangely enough, the summer trend of bright red lips, usually turning a couple of accents darker during colder seasons, has now also continued into the fall. 



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