5 Parisian Makeup Trends

New make-up winds come along with spring weather.
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Artistry make-up expert Andrzej Sawicki invites you to focus on pastel colors and natural-looking lips this season. “This year's spring-summer season is inspired by the most elegant city in the world - Paris. This city is characterized by subtle elegance, where natural tones are in tune with bright accents - this is the tendency of this warm season make-up, ”says Sawicki.

Bright lips

If tones have been popular during the cold season, you can cover your lips with the most pronounced colors this season.


“Unlike the cold season, when the focus is on muted and rich colors, now choose intense tones. The most fashionable color will be coral, fuchsia, bright purple or light red, ”the cosmetics expert advises.


For those who are not lucky enough to have a perfectly smooth lip contour - good news: this year you don't have to overdo your lip augmentation or cluttered outline. A. Sawicki emphasizes that the scattered outline will look much more stylish and fresh.

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Exceptional focus on eyebrows

Dense and bright eyebrows still remain the benchmark for beauty in the 21st century. However, this season will continue to dominate the natural eyebrow trend.


"It is advisable to handle the eyebrows so that their shape looks natural - not necessarily perfectly framed and accurately trimmed." This year, the brilliantly formed and over-maintained eyebrows are refused. So, highlight this season with natural colors. For example, in the new Artistry Studio in the Paris collection of chocolate and caramel shades, ”says Sawicki.

Glowing eyes

In the warm season, the make-up expert offers a choice of pastel eye shadows, especially when it comes to mint, green, blue, purple, pink shades. The shadows of the green shades will revive the spring season together with the awakening nature. Good news and lovers of excitement - the times when bright eyes looked too extravagant during the day - already in the past, so you should not avoid glitter - they can be decorated not only during parties.

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According to the make-up expert, girls who are afraid that they will not know how to cuddle properly should not be afraid, because the disorderly, windy image dominates everywhere - you can not shade the shadows very perfectly.


“The latest trends in smoky eye shadow this season will be lighter tones. Black eye shadow can be "too much" for a daily image, but brown shadows are suitable for any eye owner, "says Sawicki.

Monochromatic image

This season is very popular to keep the same range of makeup colors. Instead of combining different colors, use one or two similar colors for makeup. For example, choose peach pastel shades that resemble spring, and use the same colors for both eye shadows, lips and cheeks.


"When choosing a single-color make-up, the most popular will be two shades of pink and peach. Deep pink shades are perfect for owners of darker skin tones, and pastel pink fits perfectly with light skin. Choosing such a make-up for your image will give you not only spring freshness but also elegance, ”advises A. Sawicki.

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Glossy makeup

Glossy make-up removes the tough contours this season, with a lot of glossy patches for many matt tones. However, according to A. Sawicki, the "stickiness" effect should not be feared because modern make-up products are made in such a way that the products do not burn and remain on the skin for a long time.


“This season is a very fashionable and shiny pink blush. You may not be afraid to overdo your cheekbones as you develop your cheekbones - let yourself stand out from the crowd. First, apply your face to a loose powder that will help your lusters stay longer, then highlight the highest cheekbones in a soft pink color and disperse, ”advises the make-up expert.


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