This way you get the beautiful no-makeup look from Ann Demeulemeester

Thanks to the cosmetics brand MAC we were able to follow the make-up looks of the fashion shows in Paris from the front row. From behind the scenes we watched how the make-up artists conjured up colors and textures. And we took the tricks.
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With big eyes we follow the ins and outs behind the scenes of the fashion show of Ann Demeulemeester in Paris. Between the blowing hair dryers and the hustle and bustle of people, makeup artist Hiromi Ueda from MAC finds time to talk to us. She explains to us in steps and gestures how to get this beautiful 'no make-up look'.

Because, as you could already imagine, there is definitely makeup involved in a no-makeup look. This is how Hiromi Ueda went:

Hiromi Ueda: "It must all look very pure and natural. The Face & Body Foundation is the ultimate foundation for this. A peach color concealer is used around the eyes and around the nose to camouflage tired traits and to tone the complexion to freshen up here and there. "

"The Strobing Cream is used as a highlighter on the cheekbones, on the nose bridge and on the eyebrow bones," says Hiromi.

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Hiromi Ueda: " On the eyes the outer edges of the corners of the eyes are subtly applied with some neutral, dark brown eye shadow. Only the roots of the eyelashes are applied with mascara . Then the eyelashes are brushed through with a clean brush, so that the mascara is evenly spread over eyelashes are divided and the eyelashes look natural. That way the eyes come out more and more without making them look like make-up. "

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© Laura de Coninck (ldeconinck)

Hiromi Ueda: "Lipstick was dipped on the cheeks as a natural blusher. The same wine red color is dipped on the lips for stained lips ."

And this was the result!

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