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Basic doesn't mean boring. A perfect wardrobe capsule not just makes you look good but opens up your personality. The Ukrainian brand "the COAT" is a great example of how to make the simplest in its finest.
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the COAT - Fall/Winter 2020/2021

In an ideal universe, choosing an outfit in the morning would not only prevent us from switching our mood on it during the day but would also obtain at least a couple of compliments. The importance of clothes in a world gets really underestimated on the point where people start to ask themselves questions: "Who am I? And how do I see myself?" And most of the time, a part of your own look fades away to something less meaningful.

But let's remember "The Devils Wears Prada" scene. A moment where our beloved Andy Sachs was standing on the fitting and has giggled herself into nothing more than a fashion reprisal. Because no difference between, it would have seemed, identical pieces, actually is something that shows a dissimilarity between people and their personalities. 

"This blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs." Not blue to be honest... It's actually cerulean.

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As it gets harder and harder for the designers to create new pieces each season, the value of the uniqueness and quality of clothes rises itself. We all know a story of a good everyday-wardrobe and what it should consist of. That is why now we are keeping our path into a meeting and finding out new brands that are making basic items not that basic. 

The Ukrainian prêt-à-porter womenswear brand “the COAT by Katya Silchenko” launches a new FW20/21 collection. A collection that screams autumn time and gets you excited about it. From an excellently selected color palette of a choco-brown and a deep bordeaux to a perfectly made silhouettes. Tailored power suits, skirts, and caps - everything that can represent the female energy of 2020. The collection impresses with its concentration of details, taking into account the current monochrome of this season.


And since we have spoken about what gives to good clothes value - “the COAT" supports the philosophy of ethical fashion by promoting conscious consumption and preventing unnecessary overproduction. For this season's collection, chief designer Katya Silchenko decided to include colored PU leather (PU - polyurethane) to promote the positive effects of sustainable production. The brand also focuses on creating a pleasing working environment for the team and pays attention to high-quality service and honest communication. Basically, you are getting dressed up, knowing that pieces that you are going to wear will bring you a feeling of yourself, and moreover, you informed that they were made in a positive environment with good intentions. Isn't it the way that modern fashion should be? 

Pictures:  © the COAT 


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