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What can be better than Prada shoes? Prada shoes, which you can customize yourself!
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If shoes are telling the story about their owner - it is a perfect time to be an independent writer. To make costumers feel like home, Prada opens up a door to their family's workshop and allows all comers to create. Remember rummaging around your parents' closet, and finding stuff with a twenty-something history behind it? The shoes from new Prada selection is not only going to share the path that you had in them, but it also will keep the meaning of your personality. 

From the pumps to sandals, 18 different shoe models are presented in eight different heel heights, either with or without a platform. Since the fashion scene is separated into two parts: the one where you are chasing the idea of being all grown up, and the one where childhood and naivety is still a thing - a wide range of materials and colors will give you a right of choice and pursuit of imagination. Speaking of life balance. If you prefer to keep yourself in between two worlds, then you can customize pumps or slingbacks with removable poplin bow. How cool is that? Business game in the morning is turning to crazy party shoes in the evening. 

Prada's typical prints from different seasons were completely remixed to produce an impressive result. Lipstick, Barocco, Roses, or even New Dahlia and Mermaids Flame patterns are now available. The design also goes beyond the product: the packaging of the shoes matches the chosen style, so the classic blue box is decorated either with an elastic band with a metal badge or with one of the Prada prints.

Where these (shoe) - dreams come true?

From 2 July to 15 July in the Salzburg Prada Store Alter Markt 13-14

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