Painted in Prada

What if we combine the two most powerful ways of self-expression? Things that the human eye cannot see - can be drawn by a hand. The impact of an image together with a magic effect of colors in a new Prada Pre-Fall 2020 Campaign.
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Rapid integration of digital technologies into the fashion scene could be threatening and exciting for some people at the same time. And meanwhile, certain professions are about to start their struggle to keep their path in the industry and not being replaced with robots - we believe in it and see it as a new way of representing art and fashion to an audience. Well, after all, they say that the opposites are attracted to each other. So maybe "made by human" and "made by something that was made by human" is a good match?

Possibilities to create something new and inspiring were extremely limited during the lockdown. Freelancers and people of art all over the world had to push themselves to make their work emphasize the importance of continuing to see beauty. And since modern society and culture are defined by a picture plane - we are taking the best of it. 

Conceived and created alongside the Prada Fall/Winter 2020 menswear collection presented in January, for Pre-Fall 2020 color recalibrates classic garments, to give outfits a new actuality, a surreal ambiance. For the accompanying campaign, photographed in London on 13 February 2020 by David Sims and painted in New York during the following weeks, physicality is questioned: the collection’s vibrant colors are isolated, abstracted, pushed center stage, highlighting their material essence and their disarming simplicity. 

Prada declares itself in the new campaign as the voice of our generation and bringing in the unity and blurring lines between the photographic and the painterly, between technology and humanity. 

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Creative Direction: Ferdinando Verderi

Photography: David Sims

Styling: Olivier Rizzo

Films: Ferdinando Verderi

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