Prada Timecapsule: The exclusive Shirt for June

This Prada shirt is available for only 24 hours - time is running!
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Every month a Prada shirt is dropped exclusively for 24 hours and makes especially collectors' hearts beat faster.

As part of the "Prada Timecapsule", 50 pieces of a particular product are placed in the online shop once a month, every first Thursday. In each drop a new unisex version of the camp shirt is offered, which is a classic Prada product. 

The edition is limited to 50 pieces and is only available online in Europe, Japan and South Korea, reaching other markets during the year.

The designs and prints are inspired by motifs that match the respective month. Today it's time again, Prada releases the Timecapsule: With its oversize silhouette, the shirt has the perfect fit for men and women, inspired by the graphics of surfboards from the 80s - here reinterpreted to create a sporty and modern aesthetic.


1591273599629500 prada timecapsule june campaign 02
1591273619184189 prada timecapsule june campaign 04

The Prada Time Capsule is strictly limited to and is part of the newly initiated Prada Online Revolution.



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