Marilyn Monroe: it's possible to stay in your bungalow in Beverly Hills

Paying tribute to Marilyn Monroe, accustomed to places at the height of her career, the Beverly Hills Hotel has just inaugurated a bungalow entirely inspired by the actress. Guided tour.
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Accustomed to go to the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, Marilyn Monroe will now be an integral part of the place. The place has just opened several exclusive bungalows, one totally inspired by the Hollywood actress, while others have been decorated in tribute to the star celebrities of the time, such as Elizabeth Taylor or Frank Sinatra .

Hosted by Champalimaud Design , Bungalow 1 - Marilyn's Bungalow - is a perfect reflection of the glamorous personality of the actress, including a touch of fun, sinuous furniture, bright and abstract flooring, colorful stones and ceilings. with gold leaves.

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© Beverly Hills Hotel

Upon arrival, visitors will receive a perfume and bath products signed Chanel N ° 5 - the signature fragrance of the actress - a video library full of iconic films, some of which like hot or men prefer the blondes , as well as a champagne bottle Dom Perignon .

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© Beverly Hills Hotel

Proof that everything has been thought in detail: even the menu offers a twist paying tribute to the star. It is thus directly inspired by an interview she gave to Pageant magazine in 1952: " My dinners at home are incredibly simple, every night I stop at the market near my hotel and I take a steak, lamb chops or liver, which I grill in the electric oven of my room.I usually eat four or five raw carrots with my meat and that's it. "For some occasions, the actress was also fun with an ice cream.

Result? The Marilyn menu includes a shrimp cocktail, carrot salad, DiMaggio spaghetti and dumplings, New York grilled steak and Marilyn Monroe's favorite ice cream. What to slip the time of a weekend in the skin of the most famous blonde on the planet.

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© Beverly Hills Hotel

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