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The Vienna blogger Lena Catarina scratch invites next week to a colorful mix of vintage market and a relaxing day clubbing. What awaits visitors to the series of events and why you should not miss the hip Bazar.
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Flea Market for Design-Aficionado

Especially the latter is partly a somewhat dusty image that belongs long since corrected. Not only the production, but further use is one of the most important topics, which has recently called barter, second-hand shops, and flea markets back on the scene. Especially the latter is partly a somewhat dusty image that belongs long since corrected. New concepts, such as the design and fashion flea market by Lena Catarina Kratz, are a prime example of how a sustainable lifestyle and a fashion affinity can be stylishly combined. For the seventh time, the Viennese influencer, who charmingly and very authentically blogs about her travels, fashion and life on her platform, invites to the colorful event concept.

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Specifically, from 12:00 to 18:00, the large terrace and the rooms will be transformed into a lively bazaar with fashion treasures, jewelry, art and beauty products, handmade and other frills. In addition, live DJ tunes, flying food, sweepstakes and a happy hour with cocktails are included in the atmosphere. Backrebellin Sophie Stolzes will also be there and invites with her legendary LoveBites. The motto of the colorful afternoon: Shop, Eat, Drink & Meet. Thus, Kratz and her team also want to offer a platform for communicative exchange with like-minded people and are justifiably proud of their illustrious guests of "young designers, bloggers, artists, globetrotters and lots of other crazy Viennese friends". A particularly round concept that fully reflects the spirit of the times and therefore an unconditional event recommendation for those who want to discover and buy useful and beautiful things beyond the usual spectrum.

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