Dior spring-summer 2020: why the decor of the parade was exceptional?

Placed under the hashtag #PlantingForTheFuture, Dior presented on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 in Paris its spring-summer 2020 parade in a setting composed of no less than 170 trees representing a botanical garden. We explain why it is exceptional.
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Ecology was the main theme conveyed by the incredible scenography of the Dior spring-summer 2020 show. At the heart of the Longchamp racecourse transformed into a botanical garden for the occasion, the house had gathered more than 150 trees purchased from nurseries, which will be replanted on the sidelines of the show in three different destinations in the Paris region. To find out exactly where, guests had the opportunity to scan QR codes printed on hanging tags on the branches of each of the 170 conifers.

Another proof that this set was spectacular in few figures: the set took two weeks to be assembled and a team of about a hundred people a day. Placed under the sign of a responsible fashion, the materials of the show will be recovered by the association La Réserve des Arts, and therefore fully reused, such as 2,200 square meters of wooden planks used for the facade and bleachers, 4,000 meters of consoles or 4,500 square meters of fabric. Finally, all electricity was produced using generators powered by canola oil.


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