Bridal fashion trends, "Away with tulle, embroidery and all the drama!"

Why you should look no further than six months in advance, which cuts are currently prevalent and which trends you prefer to omit - Alexis Fernandez, CEO of Boutique Runway, dares to break with stereotypes and gives tips on how each bride finds the right wedding dress.
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What trends are there in terms of wedding dresses?
Away with tulle, embroidery and all this drama! The end of the 1990s there was this huge increase in Eastern European and Asian productions - by the resulting price dumping, the market was flooded with such models! In my opinion, this has also hurt brands like Zuhair Murad or Carolina Herrera very much. Instead of buying a dress by Zuhair Murad for tens of thousands of euros, you get a similar model for less money, for example, on the Internet.

But there are big differences in quality!
Of course - but in the photos you hardly see it, because you have the same effect! And in the end, wedding and red carpet dresses are also models that you wear only once and especially for the photos. For the camera it works, the quality is of course no longer there ... Therefore, for example, the haute couture is developing in the direction that we currently recognize. It is no longer about as many embroideries, feathers and tulle, but materials.

Which ones are recommended here in the current bridal fashion?
Silk, silk crepe ... high quality products are crucial, not how many stones you have stuck! Today, women do not just want to be fairy-tale princesses any more, they also want to show that they have style!

No simple materials ...
Right! Silk is actually terribly ungrateful ... But it is one of the materials that has stood for exclusivity for many centuries. We will now see more and more silk crepe - instead of all the tulle! It has a similar effect, also from the structure, but is much higher quality. Brocade will also be a revival ... but that must be interpreted in a modern way!

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Have all these trends already arrived in Vienna?
I've recently looked around at various wedding fairs and unfortunately I have to say that there are still some tulle models, but it's more and more in the boho style direction: high-quality fabrics, simple cuts, strapless corsets - not over the hips Everything is more classically elegant but with a looseness for the materials like chiffon and silk care.

What are the styling trends?
Veils are no longer worn over the face, the face must be free - this is after all the main actor! In the past, brides may have liked to hide behind a veil, but today people like to show their faces.

A good keyword - how does the make-up adapt to this development?
It actually applies in all areas: Less is more - you would rather invest in a good, clean skin rather than through make-up. Less makeup, more natural skin! Less embroidery, higher quality fabrics! Less body-stressed, more class!

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Which shopping tips are there for prospective brides? How long in advance should you actually buy the dress?
Not so long - the taste changes! Also the attitude to the event ... What pleases one today with his figure, the temperatures, and the body feeling, that can not appeal to you in a few months. I always advise people to look for a dress one year in advance - this applies to their own wedding as well as to the MET Gala, the Opera Ball or the opening of a Fashion Week.

Which time span would be more realistic?
I would say a maximum of six months! But you have to keep the dimensions, the hairstyle and also the body feeling - otherwise, you are out! There's also has a lot to do with the new rhythm of the fashion industry. We are now used to being presented with something new every three months. In general, it is easier to enjoy these days and not what has been planned years ago.

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Alexis Fernandez Gonzalez is the CEO of the Vienna concept store Runway Vienna, which offers exceptional avant-garde fashion and exclusive street wear. In the curation, he attaches particular importance to qualitative materials and their high quality workmanship.

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