Beyoncé will revive Ivy Park with adidas

After stopping collaborating with Topshop, Beyoncé revives her sportswear brand Ivy Park by joining adidas this time.
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Ivy Park , Beyoncé's sportswear brand, is back soon. After having partnered with Topshop in 2016, Queen B bought the shares of Philip Green , CEO of the British giant, and announced his new deal with adidas, this Thursday, April 4, 2019. The businessman president of the group Arcadia - which owns the brands Topshop and Topman -, was denounced for sexual harassment and racism last October. Pointed out by former employees, he was accused of trying to smother the deal by having them sign confidentiality agreements. On learning the news, Beyoncé instantly stopped collaborating with the man.

For 2019, the singer finally revives Ivy Park by associating with adidas . With her collection, Beyoncé's focus this time is on the importance of women in leadership and empowerment. And that's not all. The project will also involve young creators, sources of change in the sporting world. Very happy, Queen B said, " This is the partnership of a lifetime, Adidas has been enormously successful in pushing the boundaries of creativity, sharing a philosophy that places creativity, growth and social responsibility forefront of business. "

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