Anthony Baratta Teams Up with Max Mara for the Perfect Summer Wardrobe

The American interior designer brings isle style to Weekend Max Mara's new "Nantucket" collection. Here, he tells us all about his first fashion collaboration.
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Anthony Baratta

Two words: resort collection. That’s what the surprising collaboration between Weekend Max Mara and American interior designer Anthony Baratta has spawned, albeit for Spring 2019 instead of a Cruise season. Brimming with patterns designed by Baratta, the Nantucket-inspired offerings are all you’ll want to pack on your next trip to an island paradise. Below, the “King of East-Coast chic” tells us more about his first foray into fashion.


What made you decide to team up with Weekend Max Mara?

We have a similar approach to design, as well as a similar clientele. Plus, I love their sense of impeccable quality and classic design with a modern Italian sensibility.


For your first fashion collaboration, was there anything you wanted to try out or experiment with that you couldn’t before as an interior designer?

Clothing is not as permanent as home furnishings and that is what makes it more fun. With clothing you have more freedom to mix and match fabrics, patterns and colours, and change it up the next day.


Can you tell us more about the patterns you designed for the collection?

We were inspired by classic American fabrics and patterns such as checks, rick rack trims, floral prints and the lifestyle of Nantucket. It’s the mix of the fabrics that makes this so special.


You use the Chinoiserie print extensively in your designs, this collection included. What does it mean to you?

We use Chinese ceramics extensively in our work. It’s a classic statement in a room and pulls a lot of elements together. I’ve been using blue and white porcelains for my whole career. Chinoiserie is exuberant and whimsical, which makes it so timeless.

What three words would you use to describe the collection?

Timeless, casual and colourful.


What is your favourite part of your collaboration with Weekend Max Mara?

I enjoyed how much they understood our vision for the collection and how they brought it all together and captured the essence of me.


How has fashion influenced your work?

Fashion has always influenced it and continues to up to this day. I am very inspired by patterns, colours and smart design.

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How does it feel knowing that people will wear your designs?

I am honoured! It’s a new realm for me to delve into and it’s been a joyful experience. I look forward to collaborating with Weekend Max Mara again!


What tips would you give to someone who wants to design their own home?

Pick out five of your favourite pieces of clothing and see what you like most about them. Then, work around their patterns and colours.


What is your personal favourite holiday retreat?

Although I’ve only been there once, I’m excited for my next trip to Rajasthan, India. The colours, the patterns and the grand scale are so in tune with my principles of design.


Following this collaboration, what else would you like to try out in future?

I would like to design a car and a cruise ship!

This story first appeared in L'Officiel Singapore's March 2019 issue, available on Magzter

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