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Hublot and Marc Ferrero celebrate the woman

On the occasion of Baselworld 2019, Hublot and Marc Ferrero present the Big Bang One Click.
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Hublot, Swiss Fine Watchmaking House and Marc Ferrero, painter behind the storytelling art, unveil the Marc Ferrero Big Bang One Click. A tribute to the woman of the 21st century, which is illustrated by the multiplicity of her roles, unique and incarnates as a heroine of modern times in this exclusive timepiece. An exploratory approach to art and watchmaking.

A Muse, the woman of the 21st century
In turn, wife, mother, friend, lover, businesswoman, femme fatale, fashion icon or night owl, over the hours of the day, the woman of modern times stands out unpredictable, multiple, but always unique . Disarming, she plays simple or complex adventures that challenge her; unsheathing her charm, she juggles with the lives that fill her every day.

Marc Ferrero Big Bang One Click
The dial tells the story of this heroine of modern times, Lipstick, iconic work of the artist. Enigmatic, behind her dark glasses, she remains sovereign in the face of the unexpected, affirms her femininity, armed with her lipstick. Spinels in shades of red, topazes for declination in turquoise, forty-two gemstones adorn the bezel of the new 39 mm case, adjusted to his female wrists. In one press, the leather strap gives way to the alligator and rubber version, a touch of sophistication appropriate at the moment. Available in red and turquoise, the special series features the patented "One click" fastening system and will be published in 50 copies in each tone.


"What innovative and modern idea is developing your painting? I answer without hesitation the fusion ... The fact of using on the same plane or over my works different styles of graphics (cubism, impressionism, surrealism, figurative etc.) - just as a filmmaker uses the special effects to tell a story - will always be an extremely exciting challenge for me. "Marc Ferrero

Watchmaking and moving painting: fusion
Hublot and Marc Ferrero cultivate the art of exploration in their respective fields with a focus on fusion. The unexpected marriage of rare and innovative materials for the House and that of different graphic styles on the same level for the artist, friend of the brand. It was therefore natural that their innovative minds find a common expression, watchmaking as a vector of art. The story of adventures out of time, materialized by the timepiece Big Bang One click Marc Ferrero. A flagship ad in connection with the "Hublot loves Art" series.


Marc Ferrero
We do not position ourselves at the head of a new pictorial current without a great knowledge of painting and the major evolutions that have marked its history. Marc Ferrero is one of those few contemporary painters who affirm that painting can still explore new avenues and prolong, thanks to the power of imagination, the graphic adventure of the last century which was the richest in terms of research pictorial. The work of Marc Ferrero attached to the movement of Storytelling Art continues to intrigue because it has characteristics that can not be found anywhere else: fictional stories that make us travel the world and refer to all types of cultures, invented characters, true mirrors of the collective aspirations of our time. A forgotten mixture of all kinds of graphics on the same plane, which modifies the notions of space time of the pictorial field. A play between narrative divisions and variations of shots that allow each Work to be the pretext for an extraordinary adventure. To live with a work of Marc Ferrero is to offer captivating stories to your walls and to enlarge spaces starting in the footsteps of Lisa L'aventura, Duke Spencer Percival and Cello Cordoba in an adventure that is called: "Once upon a time the Comitive ". //

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