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The new way to fly: Sharing a Private Jet

The hunger for travel is great. The classic package tour is already out of fashion. Individual lifestyle experiences that will be remembered are on today's menu. If you also want to travel in the best of private company, you opt for the most modern form of travel, the so-called private jet sharing. Chartering a private jet with family and friends is a clear plus that counts particularly in times of Covid-19.
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photo: private jet / Luxury Dreams

What Sharing A Private Jet Is Like

In addition to the regular private jet trips for a selected clientele, especially for business travelers, a new business area is moving ever more into the spotlight: "private jet sharing". The traveler shares a private jet with other passengers and enjoys all the advantages of this modern way of traveling. The prices offered, which are only marginally higher than the ticket prices of a business class, are extremely attractive. Many wonderful occasions invite you to an exclusive private jet experience: the wedding anniversary, a company anniversary, a weekend trip to Verona including an opera evening in the Arena di Verona or as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In addition to the unique and wonderful feeling of traveling like a VIP, globetrotters benefit from a number of other advantages: flexible departure times; a quick and uncomplicated check-in at the private aviation terminal; a high level of security; but above all avoiding being too close to other passengers - a clear advantage that counts especially in times of pandemic.

photo: private jet / Luxury Dreams

Always on time

Anyone who has never sat in a private jet had the opportunity to board at a very exclusive get-together. In line with the "Private Jet Experience" theme, the travel and lifestyle company Luxury Dreams delighted guests from the press, business, media and culture at Schönhagen Airport close to Berlin with two brand-new private jets at its Champagne Salon, a specially initiated series of events for high-quality and individual travel. The next event of its kind is planned for February 2022 in beautiful Vienna.

“The private jet sharing model is a trend that is becoming more and more popular with travelers. It is in fact an airline that operates according to the customer's plans, not the other way around." - Michael Kern, Managing Director at Luxury Dreams

Traveling in a private jet doesn't have to remain a dream. Have the most beautiful destinations and travel experiences in a private jet put together individually with Luxry Dreams here.

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