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"Blonde": Netflix will release a film about Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe never stops making the news this year. Last example in date? Netflix is working on the production of a film centered on the life of the iconic actress.
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Extravagant, sensual, lonely, Marilyn Monroe will be honored in the film Blonde , adapted from the biography of Joyce Carol Oates, released in 1999. To produce the film, the platform Netflix was chosen. And to embody the actress? The production called on the Cuban actress Ana de Armas previously seen in Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 .   The opportunity to learn more about the American icon that we saw in the movies Men prefer blondes or Some like it hot .

Died in suspicious conditions in 1962, Marilyn Monroe still makes a lot of talk about her today. Former top actress and American singer, the icon will become a true Hollywood star in the fifties. Thanks to her famous mole and platinum blonde hair, she will embody the sex-symbol of the twentieth century, especially known for its famous Happy Birthday, Mister President interpreted on the anniversary of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in New York in May 1962 Will the scene be repeated in the film? The mystery remains whole.

Fifty-seven years after her death, Marilyn Monroe will finally be entitled to a biopic worthy of the name, after the semi-failures of My Week with Marilyn , where the actress was played by Michelle Williams , and the mini -Series Kennedy with Charlotte Sullivan ? The mystery remains whole.

The filming of Blonde will begin next summer.


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