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It Girls Can't Get Enough of this Jamaican Hotel

Get to know Rockhouse, a favorite of Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin.
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Rockhouse owner and chairman, Paul Salmon moved from Australia to Jamaica in the 90’s chasing after a girl. While it didn’t work out with said girl, he entered into a different kind of love affair — with Jamaica itself.

So he did what any man in love would do (okay, maybe a stretch) he bought and restored one of the first hotels on Negril’s West End. Maintaining its original vibes, Rockhouse is a breathtaking natural sanctuary with private villas atop limestone cliffs. It is, quite obviously, a labor of love.

A once-favorite of Bob Marley and The Rolling Stones, it’s no wonder why it-girls like Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Rita Ora and Emily Ratajkowski have found their way to Negril’s best-kept-secret. Rustic villas with stone floors and canopy beds, private patios atop your own cliff with water-access solely accessible by jumping or via red ladders camouflaged throughout the property. Rockhouse keeps things simple, yet possesses everything a perfect tropical holiday requires at your fingertips. Various seaside restaurants, an infinity pool and a spa are also woven throughout the property- each with a better view than the former. And with a friendly and attentive smile greeting you at every corner, there really is no reason to leave.

Although if you were to leave, Rockhouse offers beach transport to its newly opened sister-property, Skylark Negril Beach Resort for those seeking a day on Negril’s famous Seven Mile Beach. The first Jamaican outpost of New York’s famed Miss Lily’s restaurant will open in the fall, but it’s the playful, minimalistic Caribbean decor with its nod to Art Deco that makes the property a worthy visit now. Turquoise and rosy pink hues are contrasted with black and white check floors against the backdrop of palms and sea-views, making the Instagram opportunities here too, endless.

Basically, Negril’s waiting for you, and so is Instagram.

See for yourself, below.


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