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We're Learning to Eat Clean and Play Dirty Thanks to Sakara Life

The founders of the plant-based meal delivery service teach us their wellness ways with their inaugural cookbook.
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In a world of endless meal delivery service options, it can be hard to decide which one is truly right for you, and it can be even harder to figure which one will fuel your body best. Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle, wellness experts and founders of Sakara Life, the organic, plant-based meal kit service, are out to change that with their debut cookbook, Eat Clean, Play Dirty: Recipes for a Body and Life You Love

The book offers over 100 plant-based recipes, in addition to valuable information on the science behind the food we put in our bodies, with the goal of using this food as medicine. Readers will find themselves learning about the microbiome, gut health, proteins, fats, and superfoods.

Duboise and Tingle drew from their own experiences previously having been stressed out, deprived, and imbalanced. The title gives way to the idea that you can learn to create a sustainable lifestyle by eating clean, yet still indulge in the finer fares in life, and find joy in both. The book itself ditches any dieting drudgeries like counting calories and cutting carbs, and strays away from adopting labels like vegan, vegetarian, or raw food. It simply embraces the concept of intentional eating by selecting fresh, nutritious, and delicious ingredients to nourish our bodies and souls.

Ahead, Duboise and Tingle share more about Sakara Life and their new cookbook, from its philosophy on wellness to what makes their brand stand out from others that flood the market.

There are lots of options when it comes to home delivery meal services today. What makes Sakara Life so unique from its competitors?

Sakara Life is first and foremost a nutritional protocol, rooted in science and supported by clinical research. Our "9 Pillars of Nutrition" form the basis of our philosophy, teaching our clients how to eat for optimum health and happiness, and our meal delivery service conveniently takes the cooking out of their hands as well. You can think of Sakara as your nutritionist and personal chef in one, which sets us apart from all the other meal delivery services on the market.


What are some of the biggest changes you've seen in people who switch over to a plant-based diet?

It’s important to add here that going “plant-based” is just a part of what Sakara is. You can eat french fries and potato chips and call yourself plant-based. But for people who follow the "Sakara Life Nutrition Protocol" - which includes things like eating five or more cups of leafy greens every day, “eating your water” by consuming hydrating water-rich plants, and focusing on nutrient density—we’ve had clients shed excess weight, clear up their skin, increase their energy, and so much more. Our mission is to change as many lives as possible through the power of food as medicine. We’ve received thousands of client testimonials from people struggling with everything from infertility to thyroid conditions to cancer, and hearing that Sakara has improved their lives is truly what inspires us to keep going

How would you sum up the book's philosophy on wellness?

The title says it all! Eat clean, play dirty means you should focus on getting enough clean, organic, nutrient-dense plant foods into your diet and from there, you can feel free to play a little dirty and lean into your joy. We are the first ones to reach for a glass of wine or a croissant when it calls our name and we feel no guilt in doing so because at Sakara, we believe you are what you do most of the time. There is no wagon to fall off or no “list” to follow.


What would you say is the biggest misconception about healthy eating? How do both the book and Sakara Life tackle these?

There are so many misconceptions about healthy eating and a constant stream of diet fads that come and go. With Sakara, you can tune out all of the noise because our philosophy is rooted in and backed by nutrition science and decades of clinical research. Eat an abundant amount of organic plant foods every single day and you will improve your health. No labels, no rules, and no sacrifices.


What kind of future do you hope to achieve with the work that you do?

Our mission since day one has been to touch as many lives as possible through the power of food as medicine. We started with our meal delivery service; then launched our magazine, S-Life, as an educational platform; followed by our line of supplements and functional snacks. With the launch of our cookbook, we now have a product that is accessible to everyone across the country (and in the UK, Canada, and Australia!) at a truly accessible price point. As our business evolves, we’ll continue innovating on new and delicious ways to further our mission through content, products, and so much more. We’re really just getting started and we have so many more lives to touch!

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