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L'Officiel Austria launch event at the French Embassy

On Thursday, April 11th, around 200 guests celebrated the launch of the international luxury magazine L'OFFICIEL, which was released for the first time as an Austrian Edition at the beginning of the month.
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Friends of the brand from fashion, business and entertainment were invited to feast "French Style in Austria" with the L’Officiel Austria team in the premises of the French Embassy.

The evening was moderated by the Austrian presenter Katia Wagner, supported by DJane Anna Ullrich, who provided the right sound. At the reception, the young up-and-coming singer Lora Grigorieva enchanted all guests with her strong voice and a breath-taking performance. The 17-year-old opera singer was known for her participation in The Voice Kids Russia and the Eurovision Song Contest Kids, where she made it to the semi-finals and finals.

Copyright of the pictures: © Philipp Enders

Copyright of the pictures: © Diana Kopaihora and Xiaomi Austria

The highlight of the evening was the brilliant fashion show by designer Mohammed Ashi, who travelled from Beirut to present his exclusive ASHI Studio Capsule Collection in Vienna. The designs of ASHI Studio are worn by stars such as Rita Ora, Beyoncé, Heidi Klum and Nadine Leopold and are indispensable for any red carpet worldwide. The fashion show was opened by model Ivana Ho, who caught everyone's attention in her ASHI Studio look.

For an afterparty the ​​guests were invited to X-Club to celebrate the successful launch until the early hours of the morning.

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Ivana Ho; Marylise Larunsi © Patrick Domingo, Erol Hasic & John K. All photos taken by Leica Camera Austria

VIPs: Mohammed Ashi (Designer), Marie-José Jalou & Maria Cécilia Andretta (L’Officiel Paris), Svitlana Lavrynovych (CEO, Publisher L’Officiel Austria), Anna Vergelskaya (Publisher L’Officiel Austria), Barbara Meier (Model) & Klemens Hallmann (Entrepreneur), Nadine Mirada (Model), Maria Yakovleva (Ballerina Vienna States Opera), Lidia Baich (Violinist), Yury Revich (Star-Violinist) & Liudmila Konovalova (Ballerina Vienna States Opera), Martin (Restaurateur) & Ivana Ho (Model), Nadiv Molcho (Actor), Camilla Habsburg-Lothringen (Society Lady), Dorretta Carter (Singer), Leona König (Charity Lady), Kathi Stumpf und Alexander Beza (Society Lady and Entrepreneur), Mauro Maloberti (Music manager), Urvashi Rautela (actress), uvm.

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Kimberly Budinski; Urvashi Rautela; Zoe Karapetyan; Klemens Hallmann & Martin Ho

Copyright of the pictures: © Patrick Domingo, Erol Hasic & John K

All photos taken by Leica Camera Austria

Mohammed Ashi

Designer ASHI Studio: I am so delighted that Ashi Studio has been invited to be part of the exclusive collaboration with L’Officiel Austria for its launching event to showcase a very special collection, designed exclusively for the event. It will take place in such a rich city as Vienna, filled with culture and art, this city holds such a dear place in my heart, it’s such an elegant place of inspiration.

Barbara Meier, model: It is nice to see that a very exclusive fashion magazine is coming to Austria. As I was already able to work with L'Officiel in other countries, I am more than happy to celebrate the launch in such a beautiful and festive atmosphere tonight.


Maria Yakovleva, Ballerina at the Vienna States Opera: I really like fashion and the premises of the French Embassy are a perfect fit for the launch of this exclusive magazine. A personal highlight was also the young singer Lora Grigorieva, who inspired me with her voice!



Luxury and fashion as a brand concept are a French invention of the 1920s. Since the beginning of this revolutionary idea, L'OFFICIEL (est. 1921), the main brand of the Jalou Media Group, has established itself as a reference in this genre. L'OFFICIEL has been an inspiring companion in the genesis of haute couture and major fashion houses and is indispensable wherever fashion decision makers meet creative and cultural professionals. L'OFFICIEL has helped to establish French Style as a global brand. With their international issues, L'OFFICIEL and its sister brands are globally omnipresent.

Copyright of the pictures: © Philipp Enders

Copyright of the pictures: © Patrick Domingo, Erol Hasic & John K

All photos taken by Leica Camera Austria

Copyright of the pictures: © Diana Kopaihora and Xiaomi Austria

L’Officiel Austria is more than thankful for the kind support of all sponsors & partners:

ASHI Studio, Babor, Beefeater 24 London Dry Gin, Bobbi Brown, Fiori Company, Firusas, Insignia, Leica Camera, Lillet, Maikel June Bleyer & Team, Modeschule HLMW9 Michelbeuern, Oliver Heemeyer Jewellery, Schlumberger, Tommi Hirsch Catering, X-Club, Xiaomi Austria


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