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The Concordia Ball is not only the oldest, but also one of the country’s most entertaining traditional balls. Dr. Daniela Kraus, Secretary General of the Concordia Press Club, explains what sets this particular ball apart from all the others.
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© Concordia Ball/Philip Lipiarski

What makes the Concordia Ball so special compared to other traditional Viennese balls?
Oh, there are many resons for this: it is the oldest traditional Viennese ball (it has been taking place since 1863) and it takes place within the incomparable setting of the Arkadenhof making it the country’s most beautiful summer ball. It also combines dance, spirit and imagination. A festive summer’s night under the stars, charming conversations, a sparkling atmosphere – all this can only be experienced at the Concordia Ball.

What can guests expect from the programme this year?
Dance, dance, dance: every year, the Concordia Ball offers a special festival to cater to passionate dancers due to its varied musical programme. There will also be a number of surprises again, but I cannot reveal these just yet.

With passion: Dr. Daniela Kraus has been Secretary General of the Concordia Press Club since January 2019 and thus host of the evening. This is particularly fitting as the historian with a doctorate is a passionate dancer herself. © Luiza Puiu

How do you adapt an event with such a rich tradition such as the Concordia Ball to the current zeitgeist?
This is in fact, very simple: the Concordia is a union of journalists and writers and we always have to be up-to-date on everything by profession. As is known, tradition means to spread the fire and not worship the ashes.

The ball has a very serious undertone: How do you com- municate its message?
With ease! It’s all about fun at the Concordia Ball, but we are hopeful that the guests, as has been the tradition for over a century, exchange views on current affairs within the ball’s relaxed atmosphere.


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