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A feast for love: wedding tips from a wedding planner

From the right location to the perfect outfit - Wedding Planner Ali Maghsood gives exclusive wedding tips for bridal couples and their guests.
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The wedding season is slowly reaching its peak - the most beautiful wedding you have ever been a guest on?
That is hard to say. Mostly I'm behind the scenes and as a wedding planner on site, but the most emotional so far was the wedding of my best friend because I was there for the first time as groomsman.

What is the key to unforgettable moments?
The key to unforgettable moments is when the bridal couple can just let the things go and simply enjoy this special day. Often, bridal couples, especially the bride, find it hard to enjoy the party. A wedding planner definitely helps the bride and groom to sit back and taste the wedding to the fullest. 

How  do I choose a topic and what is currently most in trends?
The theme should reflect the bride and groom. I'm not a fan of just following trends because they're "in." You have to pick the theme that you like and which can be identified with the personality because the whole party is about the bridal couple and not about a current trend. 

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Location, catering, the dress - what is most important and what are your customers' average costs?
All aspects are important and contribute to a successful and memorable celebration. Everything agrees with the location, when this time is fixed you can focus on the other things like catering, topic, dress selection, etc. I personally recommend my customers never to save on catering - better to have some compromises on the decoration than on eating and drinking. Finally, it is also about the well-being of the guests. Costs, it's hard to say ... this depends entirely on the needs of the couple. There is never a stop to the top. I have enough ideas (laughs). 

Which organizational mistakes do you experience most often and how can you avoid them?
I experience it very often that engaged couples coming in the short term to me because they underestimate the costs of such festivity total. This is important to recognize. The error occurred mostly in the pre-organization. At the wedding itself, errors that were previously incurred can only be remedied to a limited extent. If the budget allows, I recommend every bride and groom to book a wedding planner.

Sometimes quite high expectations are set also to the guests- what do you have to do as a guest in terms of dress code, gift or commitment, and where is the limit? 
I feel a total no-go when female guests want to steal the show from the bride. After all, the bride is the queen of the night and this should be experienced by every bride. I would not find it right to show up at a wedding without a gift, because a wedding costs a lot and it just suggests giving the bride and groom a little support in their new way. 

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Currently, especially in VIP circles, the celebration becomes very extravagant - are false illusions selling here? 
 I would not say that. Whether a VIP wedding or a normal one. Finally, it is about the love between two people and that is ultimately what counts.

Recently you were also involved in a prominently attended wedding - what additional arrangements and extras have to be made? What needs special attention at weddings abroad?
The processes are generally the same. Of course, additional safety precautions must be taken. At weddings abroad, it is always good to have a partner agency to speed up certain operations.

Your personal opinion: should people share such a private moment in real time on social media or even maybe live stream a wedding?
This has to be decided by the bridal couple. I think it's important to find the right mix. Too much is not good, but not sharing the best moment in life would be too bad. 

How should your own wedding look like?
Phew, I really want to have a wedding in a small setting - about 70 guests. However, the dress code of the guests should be a bit pompous. There is already a location in which I have fallen in love. But I will not tell you more ...

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Ali Maghsood

Ali Maghsood works as an event organizer, Wedding Planner and is also active in the fashion industry as a stylist and producer. 

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