Some iconic phrases to reminisce about the genius Lagerfeld

Recall 10 iconic words spoken by Kaiser.
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The world of fashion lost a great symbol in February this year, the stylist, businessman and visionary Karl Lagerfel.

Its legacy in fashion is unquestionable and so we decided to remember 10 phrases that were said by the German genius who was in charge of Chanel for another 3 decades.


1. "I just know how to play a part: myself."

2. "Youth is a club from which everyone will be expelled one day or another."

3. "My job is not that the Chanel tailleur just survives, it's making him live."

4. "I love the idea of people that I am evil. I already see myself as a beautiful potato."

5. "Coco Chanel would never have done what I did. She would have hated it."


6. "I remember a stylist who said that smart women did not wear their dresses. Obviously, she failed."

7. "The designers who are very important ... I find this boring, ridiculous ... It is important to make dresses, but they are nothing more than dresses ... We are not Kierkegaard, after all!"

8. "The notion of 'chic' is like a mayonnaise: either it tastes or it does not."

9. "I do not recommend myself as a guest".

10. "I am a walking mark. My name is Logofeld."

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