Can we spend a week at bowling?

Playground of predilection of sentimental fighters of all kinds, the bowling alley diffuses as much nostalgia as adrenaline. And at De Fursac, we love them that way. Clean on them but slightly tortured.

Who can boast, even during his crazy years, of not having walked the polished floor of a bowling alley? Few people. And especially not Hugo Sauzay, architect touch-to-all, purist of beauty, and incidentally muse De Fursac. For this winter, the Parisian proves that the groove does not only belong to the dance floor, and that for the strike, it is necessary to adopt the perfect gesture of the stylish shooter. And every day of the week, his dress code is well thought out. The brief? To impress the gallery without having to bring out its Freddie Mercury tuxedo jacket, and dazzle the girls with its absolutely lyrical ball throw. Everything, of course, with the help of an elegant silhouette, refined, impeccably cut. The adage of the house De Fursac, so to speak. A chance for you.

Can we spend a week at bowling?

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