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In the kitchen with Pierre Touitou

Did you know the young prodigy cook who kindles the Rue des Petites Ecuries? Between two services, Pierre Touitou answers our questions.
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Hello Pierre, who are you?

Hello, I am a 25 years old Parisian cook.

What is your background ?

I started at the age of 16 with a vocational baccalaureate at Ferrandi School and apprenticeship at Plaza Athénée. I have also worked in England and Uruguay. In Paris, I was Chef of very different places like the Two Friends or at Miznon, I also spent a little time at Kei Kobayashi.

What is your favorite food ?

Mloukhya, a traditional Tunisian dish.

Your favorite dessert?

The Sicilian Cassata.

Your madeleine of Proust?

I remember eating a tonkatsu in Tokyo at Maisen 15 years ago maybe, I go back every time.

Your favorite autumn dish?

The hare at the royal!

Your anti blues dish?

A pho soup.

What dish do you like to cook for your loved ones?

Pasta or a nice whole bird.

What dish do you have to test at Deviant this fall?

The menus are changing enormously, the best thing to do is to tell us about your allergies and preferences and let us do ...

Your cooking in three adjectives?

Lively, seasonal and precise.

Which cities inspire your kitchen?

Cities no, but places yes. Markets, cafes and my couch in which I can think about it.

Who will you dream of cooking?

With Arnaud my partner and Clément our sommelier, we would love to receive Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Do you cook on vacation?

If I'm in town, not a lot, on the contrary, if I'm in a wild place, I like that a lot.

What are your crisp news?

Vive reopen very soon, with a beautiful kitchen (always open) brand new that will allow us to go much further.

A simple recipe to share with our readers?

I could just advise not to think anymore with salt lemon pepper but also with soy sauce or miso, herbs that bring acidity, such as sorrel or spices, such as sumac. I love nutmeg too.



Deviant Bar

39, rue des Petites Ecuries 75010



43, rue des Petites Ecuries 75010 Paris


photo credit: Eugenio Mazzinghi


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