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Bucket list: dinner under water!

This new wonderful restaurant in Norway is a good addition to your bucket list!
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A particularly new restaurant has recently opened in southern Norway . On the way there you will pass picturesque white-painted houses of people who have settled on the rugged coast. When you reach the point where you cannot continue, you hear the waves crash against the cliffs and a gray construction looms up out of the water. As if a submarine is carefully attempting to take a look ashore. However, the opposite is true: there is no peeking at the land, no, we have the privilege of taking a look at the underwater world.

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The renowned agency Snøhetta is responsible for the design of the new restaurant and research center Under , which is partly on the bottom of the sea, about 5 meters below sea level. The intention is to make the building fully part of nature, while marine life can use the rough exterior of the structure as a kind of reef to live on and grow. Inside we get the opportunity to enjoy the dishes of chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard and his team, to take a look through the large windows and to marvel at what is going on under the water surface. The interior of Under is warm and serene and is complemented by the soft turquoise glow of the water. The perfect environment for enjoying good seafood .

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The dishes on the menu are inspired by and composed of various ingredients from the immediate surroundings of Under . The hope is that in the course of time the exterior of the building can be used as a vegetable garden so that ingredients such as algae can be harvested for the dishes.

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In addition to its function as a restaurant, the location also serves as a research center. Scientists can study various fish species, algae, shellfish and other life forms up close. In addition, they can prepare a menu together with the chef, depending on, for example, seasonal conditions, which causes the least damage to the ecosystem and at the same time produces the tastiest and most interesting dishes.

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