Trend 2020: Sustainable Fashion

The textiles industry is wreaking havoc on the environment between the processes to make clothing and the waste when it gets tossed, so brands and consumers alike have taken a much-needed interest in improving these issues.
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While "fast fashion" describes clothing that is cheaply made and intended for short-term use, "sustainable" fashion is the opposite and is sometimes even referred to as "slow fashion." With sustainability being such a prominent topic in the fashion industry, it's hard to know which brands to trust. Here are some of our favorite sustainable fashion brands that produce high-quality, eco-friendly collections. 

Lounge Cherie

Conscious handling of resources is Lounge Cherie’s top priority. Accordingly, the demands concerning fabrics and fibers, which touch our skin, are very high. This brand solely processes natural fibers and material manufactured sustainably, environmentally- and skin-friendly.

A particular sense of well-being is created by our modal fiber TENCEL. This plant-based beechwood fiber runs like a common thread through our collection. It caresses and treats our customers’ skins also in combination with other natural fibers such as silk, cashmere, or organic cotton. Next to that the carbon footprint also adds up: The fiber is obtained from a unique, resource-friendly process, which is largely CO2 neutral. It is furthermore biodegradable, compostable and does not emit microplastics to the washing water. 



Photo: Nina Kramberger @nina.kramberger

Models: Lydia Kramberger @lydiakramberger  , Andreas Müllner @andyshouldgo

Hair & Makeup: Julia Koop @koop.julia , Betti Ulrich @bettii.ulrich_  , Iris Martin @irismartinmakeup

Styling: Sabine Diekow @sadiestylesnow , Katalin Kiss @katalin_kiss_styling 

Assistent: Linda Leitner @lindaleitner 

Tanja Hellmuth Studios

For Tanja Hellmuth Studios, environmental friendliness and philanthropy are two very important criteria by choosing materials, suppliers, manufacturers and other partners. The company creates and produces responsibly. Responsible procurement of materials and processing studios stands for respectful treatment of people and nature.

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Hey Soho

The slow fashion brand „Hey Soho“, founded by Elise Seitz based in Hamburg, creates sustainable statement shirts, sweaters, and hoodies for men and women. In addition to stylish designs, this brand makes sure that the procurement processes and production run sustainably and relies on transparency, fair trade, and high-quality materials in her young company. Like all other products, the new sweatpants are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.



The fashion brand "Sabinna" developed new approaches for sustainable fashion consumption and created the current capsule wardrobe collection, which consists of six timeless, essential pieces for a reliable life. This brand uses materials such as GOTS-certified cotton, raw silk, wool or the future fiber Tencel. 

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