Editorial: Quarantine's Inspiration As An Emotional Evolution

Since now it is the better time to wear all these outfits, that might have been ruined by a coat, we are taking advantage of it, and making some sort of retreating program, where 4-days socks are no longer shoes.
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Dress - Balenciaga SS 2020 , Boots - Celine by Hedi Slimane SS 2020

An emotional evolution during quarantine was bringing us to different phases. Specifically, it is whole 7 steps (if you are a lucky one) program: desperation, denial, bargaining, relapse, anger, hope and finally inspiration caused by acceptance. And in some point, the key-success of reaching the final level is to stop acting like we were put in jail and life has pressed the pause button. Maybe the better way is to ask yourself a question you were demanding from time to time - what if I try to live for myself for once? And this hard-to-accept time was deliberately made for us to feel more contemplative and integrated into a world, that we have to create on our own. 

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Left Image: Dress - Chistopher Kane SS 2020 Earrings, Shoes - Schiaparelli/ Right Image: Total Look - Moschino SS 2020

So while we are all fighting the naked truth and reality, where instead of the takeaway no-milk-no-sugar-coffee on the way to work - we are having filters (that, fortunately, were found hidden in the secret corner of a kitchen) on the way to a living room or a bed - it depends on, where you prefer to have your home office today. And instead of the Friday evening bar meet and greet - it is a FaceTime night cup now. But removing all non-stoppable sequences of occasions and events, can we really say that this sort of incentive is an interchangeable term of what we actually need? Or it simply brings us a stillness of a mind and self-satisfaction? Here we are coming to an idea of always keeping ourselves busy-busy-busy, in order to avoid burnout. Variety of Instagram stories and different articles, whose main goal is to make us as much productive in our bedsheets as we possibly can, because the concept of boredom is an unforgivable privilege. And the privilege is consists of facing yourself without a bunch of made-up distractions to fulfill energy in you. In the real-life, these temporary distractions are slightly drugs, that requires more and more every time, so we can feel awake and pulled out from the side, where we don't have excitement or beauty of creation. But with this little boost, those things are not taking us to an actual solution, which is including the part where we are becoming friends with the dark deep holes inside and everyone who lives there. So maybe to be inspired by the life you are living and creating the life you want to be inspired by is a more mental thing, than we thought?

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Left Image: Full Look - Prada SS 2020/ Right Image: Full Look- Louis Vuitton SS 2020
1586612024692533 dries72
Dress, Belt - Dries Van Noten SS 2020 Boots - Celine SS 2020 Bracelet, Rings, Earrings - Alexander McQueen SS 2020


Photographer: Lena Davidoff

Stylist:  Ana Tess

Model: Anastasia at Decorum

Makeup: Naoko Kitano

Hair: Nami Kusuoka



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