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Cooking and fashion - the Missonis do it all in their own way. Now, son Francesco Maccapani-Missoni has published a collection of recipes that read like a family story-book. A family clan, in the true sense of the word.
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Cooking together is a matter of course at the Missonis - mother Angela together with son Francesco at the stove.

Summer leaves us with one last embrace on that particularly warm September evening when Francesco and mother Angela Missoni extend an invitation with the legendary “Domes Miramare” to a private dinner on the beach. The hotel has already made history in Corfu, it once belonged to the Onasis family and welcomed guests such as Jacky O or Maria Callas. The property is now owned by the Qatari royal family. Not only its beach is charming, which strings together the chic hotel’s buildings like pearls on a chain, but also the holistic approach to luxury that is celebrated here. Nothing is loud, everything is sustainable: all that is served is derived from its own soil or from local farms. One of the reasons why the Missoni family chose this location to celebrate the release of their book, under an open sky. “Everything is discussed at the table. Absolutely everything,” says the author. When the clan comes together, everyone cooks and

everyone helps. The testimony of the Cucina a la Missoni is composed within this extensively illustrated cookbook published by the Assouline publishing house. A private family album that showcases the recipes of Francesco’s grandparents Ottavia and Rosita (the founders of the famous empire) and continues the tradition with additions from its more recent generations.

“I’m not interested in fashion, unlike everyone else in my family”, explains the author in relation to the book and why he has chosen a different way to orientate himself professionally. For example, the graduate architect is a partner in a venture capital firm in Milan, where he advises on start-up investment. Nevertheless, one sees Francesco’s clan affiliation immediately, as the tall Italian is wearing a bright green zigzag shirt and clearly loves this sprezzatura that can be found not only in Missoni fashion but also in their kitchen. “Olive oil is our secret, lots of olive oil and garlic,” states Francesco, laughing. “My mother has always put a lot of emphasis on healthy food and local ingredients, while my father was always fixated on taste.” The Missonis are considered a matriarchy. Accordingly, the gentlemen cannot be blamed for choosing to congregate in the kitchen.

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Dinner with a view: The “Domes Miramare” on Corfu was chosen as the location.

While Mama Angela delegates the final details of the table setting, the string players have begun to play Radiohead’s Creep to initiate the dinner and to announce a selection of the recipes collected in the book, prepared by Michelin chef Tassos Mantis. This is followed by a true Missoni dinner, which a number of greats in the fashion world have already had the pleasure to experience. Hosting dinner parties is a matter of course and Angela’s home is designed for big celebrations, as is, of course, her kitchen. Everything is colorful, collected from everywhere and everything is anchored within the family - from the tablecloth to the ceramics all the way to the colorful food.

The atmosphere is similarly warm and approachable that evening in Greek Corfu, where everyone talks openly across the table, with Angela always keeping a watchful eye over the proceedings. The string players’ music gradually fades away and is replaced by the nocturnal chirping concert of the great outdoors as Angela retires with her second husband Bruno Ragazzi. It’s their anniversary. They celebrate their love only a few weeks before Fashion Week every year - the business is going well yet what’s most important is family.

The next morning, the guests meet at the luscious breakfast bu et. In a true Italian manner, discussions are already underway. Angela, who calls herself @MissBrunello on Instagram, shows that she is not just
a businesswoman, but primarily a wife, mother, and grandmother. “I just face-timed with my nephew. I love being able to do this.” The company remains modern and keeps striving onwards. Now, Angela’s two daughters, Margherita and Teresa, are getting more involved. “Margherita, like me back then, moved to the country and designs our children’s line there.” Perhaps this will herald a reversal in the house of Missoni, where the scepter will be passed on to the next generation.

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Photos: Nick Kontostavlakis/Globe & Trotter

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