Ksenia Schnaider Anniversary SS'22 Collection

To mark 10 years of the brand, KSENIASCHNAIDER decided to revive all the cult looks in the Spring / Summer'22 anniversary collection.
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This celebratory KSENIASCHNAIDER (@kseniaschnaider)collection salutes the lightness and ease of youth. The designs play on a sense of simplicity when you can feel gorgeous without taking too much time to get ready - hair flying and the look is completed by a cherished pair of jeans which are with you at all times.

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The collection is breathing self-love and a happy-go-lucky attitude towards ourselves and the world, focusing on acceptance, comfort, love, and eternal youthfulness.

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The majority of KSENIASCHNAIDER signature pieces are upcycled and naturally, it is the heritage the brand is proud to build upon in Spring-Summer 2022.

This collection features every single sustainable trick and technique that the KSENIASCHNAIDER team have been implementing over the years-upcycled denim, including patchwork denim and denim fur, upcycled leftover knitting, upcycled vintage sportswear, deadstock tapestry,


Spring-Summer 2022 KSENIASCHNAIDER wardrobe took shape of summer dresses, layered silhouettes, hyperbolically wide jeans and long sleeves, patchwork, and a lot of fringes.

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