Kristina Falke about the advantages of quality and her affinity for invisible tights

Last year, the German hosiery brand FALKE turned 125 years old. To this day, the family-owned company continues to produce in Europe. L'Officiel Austria met Head of Global PR, Kristina Falke for a talk during her flying visit to Vienna.
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The Head of Global PR, Kristina Falke, doesn't let anyone see her cards when it comes to her projects. Nevertheless, she gave L'Officiel Austria an insight into her world.

Kristina Falke tells us that a lot of the luxury brands rely on FALKE at their runway shows over a relaxed white spritzer in a Schanigarten in Vienna's 7th district. In a good mood and with sparkling eyes, the Head of Global PR told anecdotes about Karl Lagerfeld ("But you're not allowed to write that!") and is delighted when "her" stockings conquer the catwalks of the world on models' legs at Saint Laurent, Fendi or Roksanda.


Ms. Falke, what trend is there in the fashion industry that you would turn into stockings? 

Kristina Falke: "I have to think about that. Cut-outs and asymmetrical-looking stockings, perhaps. Brocade would also be an idea."

There have been many collaborations of FALKE with great designers ... 

Kristina Falke: "Exactly with Manolo Blahnik, Philip Lim ..."

How did these come about? 

Kristina Falke: "Manolo Blahnik, for example, has inquired with us. With the others, I thought about who could fit in with us and bring synergy effects." 

In the fashion industry, there are so many collaborations currently ... 

Kristina Falke: "Nike and Jacquemus or Fendi and Versace - I think that's really great!"

Is there a dream collaboration partner here that FALKE would like to work with? 

Kristina Falke: "I can't say anything about that yet. But there could be a beautiful wedding once ... [laughs]"

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What is Falke's position on body diversity, which has become big in recent years? 

Kristina Falke: "We implemented it at our company several years ago. It's called the Beauty Plus line."

Karl Lagerfeld once said that you have to destroy fashion in order to renew it. What do you think about that? 

Kristina Falke: "I feel like we evolve and then regress. I've seen so many trends that come back. Destroy ... I don't know. After all, you always demonize what you've worn. But are we all really reinventing ourselves? Not really."

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As a stocking expert, how does the choice of stocking influence your outfit? Are the stockings chosen first or first the clothes and then the matching stockings? 

Kristina Falke: "Actually, it starts with the outfit, especially when I am in a hurry! [laughs] But especially the special stockings that are out of the ordinary, you have to think of something to go with them and start with the stockings when styling."

So what's your personal styling tip for stockings? 

Kristina Falke: "I think you notice very quickly the difference between the cheaply produced stockings because the stocking is thinner at the bottom and then becomes lighter and lighter at the top. So if you invest in a good stocking, you get more out of it. And I love our Shape tights, which let you stand straighter. Really great! In the summer you can also wear tights, like a Shelina. They're only 8 DEN and you don't see them at all, but your legs just look better."

And for men? 

Kristina Falke: "They say that the well-groomed man wears knee-high tights. Especially in the talk shows you see when a guest sits and you can see the short socks. But: everyone should do what he wants and dress how he or she feels comfortable!"

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