Crocs: New It-Piece or just a Trend?

Should we all go shoe shopping for Crocs now or are the shoes just a short lived trend?
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Instagram Screenshot from @crocseurope

Crocs are back! Aren't they? Now that summer is almost here, there is more choice of summer shoes. The shoes that we've all used as garden slippers in the past few years are a new trend. Many think they are the ugliest shoes in the world. And yet they keep making it into the fashion headlines. In 2017, the first Crocs with platform were already presented at a BALENCIAGA fashion show and caused quite a stir and criticism.

The shoe brand has been popular with celebtrites since last year. In November 2020, Justin Bieber launched his own collection together with Crocs. Many Hollywood stars in particular proudly display the shoes on Instagram pictures or wear them in various paparazzi photos


It's obvious that Crocs is working a lot with stars right now: the new shoe collection with the US-American DJ Diplo has just been released. 

Long silk skirt, an it-bag under her arm and colourful platform crocs. It sounds bizarre but looks good.

Even if the Crocs trend won't last long, you can still use the summer shoe for gardening or at home. Because: it's comfortable in any case. 



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