How To Style Oversized Pants On A Daily Basis

A world of oversize can be captivating and merciless at the very same time. Either it brings you into the high street style game either it just brings you extra two sizes.
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If learning on your own mistakes could be instructive - learning through the path of somebody else saves your time, nerves, and outfits... That is why we have gathered here to observe and grind away the best of the best of baggy and loose! If ten years ago, you would ask how to wear a pair of pants that aren't tight enough - some individuals might get a moment of a fashion shock. Because back in there, skinnier the jeans - cooler the outfit. But as there was no further way for jeggings to tight your knee more, fashion scene has gone backward. And now, for a good couple of years, we can finally admit and celebrate a return of all the pants that start with over and end with sized. Their appearance on the latest street style photos from Paris to Milan Fashion Weeks got us excited and a little bit overwhelmed. And as usual, when a trend comes straight from the runway to our closet - we are trying to find a way on how to adjust and present it on the daily basis. So here are little tips&tricks for you to write down into your fashion notebook with the outfit ideas starring oversized pants. 


Lady Boss

What can be better than oversized pants? Easy! Oversized jacket. And what we have in the summery of two perfect wardrobe pieces together? A to-go outfit, no matter the mood or an occasion. And despite the fact that we all love labels - a boyfriend's closet is the best place to look for an ideal fit. Bigger the size - better the look. We still keeping some femininity, of course, by adding the main weapons: shoes, bag, and intellect. 


Athleisure Pleasure

Most of the time during the week, we are seeking two things: how to manage to do everything and, in the meantime, stay comfortable. Well, thank you, fashion forecast, for bringing back a sport-chic on its prime. Sweats, hoodies, and tank tops are perfectly matching with the latest trends. Designers are providing us with the diversity of athleisure, and style is really coming to the streets. And as for now, it feels like a nice selection of one color sets are something that we have missed in our wardrobe for a good couple of seasons. 

1600126610045803 paper bag waists are bringing back the straight tuck and we couldn t be happier1600126603216336 photo 2020 09 11 7.40.24 pm

Are There Even Any Other Tops Than Cropped Ones?

One more wardrobe piece from the past that is successfully used in a modern fashion - croptop. The only thing that doesn't come back with trends - an age at which we wore them. A balance in life is important, they said... So to avoid a feeling of a big adult baby, we are combining an echo of teens in a grown-up way. 


1600126749046996 photo 2020 09 11 7.41.08 pm1600126685472711

There Is Always A Room For Knitwear

Name a better way to fall back in love with the autumn season and street style than good knitwear. An idea of wearing big loose sweaters seems to be cool in the head, but on practice could be quite tricky. All because the Pinterest posts with pullovers tucked in small high waisted shorts are lying, and after you just end up looking like a potato. The fact is: it will never happen when you are wearing oversized pants. 

1600126844340909 photo 2020 09 11 7.41.01 pm1600126847513362 d50c4d28 4d37 4e56 b31a be2da5f14757 gettyimages 1031386802

And so we can conclude: If the truth hurts - oversized pants don't. Moreover, they are only benefiting and complimenting your duet. But if slim jeans have met their end, could it be ever wide enough for oversize?


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