FILA 2020 Summer Essentials

This summer FILA has decided to bring out the core essence of their brand and shifted the beach concept from taking it easy to being sporty.
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For this summer FILA introduced a gripping, yet minimalistic collection of beachwear that gives you the feeling of comfort and chicness at the same time. 

A sporty swimming suit look for a hot beach day, complemented by a floor-long gown, endows the sporty look with a touch of elegance. Combining those polar opposites FILA ensured a suitable look for any planned, or unplanned holiday occasion.



To complete the edgy holiday style FILA chooses between a maxi bag in nylon, or a handy navy bucket, both equipped to fit all the essential sunscreen oils. Regardless of the choice, both accessories will instantly add some spice and sportiness to the outfit, masking the - sometimes - lazy beach days.


No holiday and no sandy beaches this summer? No problem!

FILA introduces a modernistic version of summer, adapting its collection to today's standards of urban lifestyle. Complete your summer city look with masculine elegance embedded in FILA’s summer concept. Perfect for a hectic life in the jungle of skyscrapers. 


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