Editorial: Sofia Resing

The Topmodel has already been featured in numerous editorials in several countries. We not only have another wonderful photo gallery for you, but also an interview with the Brazilian Beauty.
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Blazer: Balenciaga

Usually leaving your Instagram and Social Media followers speechless with countless photos and videos from the most beautiful locations around the world. Sofia, your are currently quarantaining at your parents house in Brazil, right? How do you deal with the situation?
Yes, my base is New York, though the moment I found out the lockdown was going to last much longer than we thought, I decided to come to Brazil to stay with my family, spend Easter with them, which I actually haven't done in so many years. Regarding the traveling, everything is halted for the moment, all my bookings and projects are postponed and some canceled. So meanwhile I am super thankful to be home, spending time with my loved ones, everyone is safe and healthy and this is what matters.
You've been living in New York for several years. How often do you see your loved ones normally?
Usually around 3-4 times a year, and usually never more than 5 days or a week on Christmas. Now I been in Porto Alegre, my hometown, for 20 days already.
How much courage did it take you to move abroad back then?
Well, I left my parents house really young, I first went to Europe for modeling at 16 years old and it was my very first time outside Brazil. I took it as my life opportunity as I do not come from a rich family. Initially I only wanted to make enough money to pay for my university. Little did I know that was just beginning. Also, I always been a very disciplined kid and I was a very good student, my English was pretty good even before I left home, so that gave me the courage to be able to deal with any situation alone. Then consequently I felt in love with traveling right away.

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Erstes Bild: Top: Tommy Hilfiger, Vest: Tony Morato; Zweites Bild: Ty: Antony Morato, Blazer: Antony Morato; Drittes Bild: Shirt: Hellen Batterr, Pants: Hellen Baterr, Shoes: Fendi
"I believe fashion is a way to introduce yourself without saying a word."

What's the best advice you've received about working as a model?
To believe in you no matter how many doors close in your face. The modeling industry really makes you tough, because you are being judged by your look 24/7 - many times at castings I remember asking myself "why they don't even wanna ask my name, know my personality, know my thoughts?" And in the beginning, when you are really young you take it personally and that can be very harsh in a teenager's mind. But once you persist you realize that every brand or client you work with is just looking for a specific look to sell their product and that might not work now but in another future project could. It is nothing to do with you being good enough.

This Editorial gives you a very strong and powerful look, that suits you well. What makes you feel the most confident?
I think time. I wasn't born the most confident. In my opinion time and experience help you build confidence. The more you live, the more you meet people and learn from them, the more you achieve goals you work hard for, the more confident you become in everything in life.

I adore the Blazer & Pants combo from Balenciaga, that you wear in the Editorial! What´s your favourite fashion brand?
Thank you I love that look too! Well, there are so many brands I love, it is hard to pick one! I could say Balmain because it is sexy and powerful, but innovative and modern at the same time. I believe fashion is a way to introduce yourself without saying a word. And that is pretty much my vibe.

Power Suit or Haute Couture, in which style do you feel most comfortable in?
Power Suit no doubt. The cover shot says it all! 

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Blazer & Pants: Balenciaga

As a model you are constantly on the road. How do you like to relax when you have time for yourself?
I love to be surrounded by nature and practicing outdoor sports. Could be snowboarding, paddle boarding, bodyboarding, hiking or my recent addiction has been Kitesurfing.

How do you stay physically healthy during self quaratine?
It's funny because I am finally into a schedule and a routine. Usually, I never have a routine or enough time to work out every day. Incredibly I been working out every single day, alternating leg day and arms/abs day. I am using free weights I found in my parents house and follow the exercises I learned from training before the quarantine. I used to increase the weight every two weeks at the gym but now I don't have any other equipment so I been increasing repetition. Then about three times a week I practice Vinyasa Flow online classes trough @AloMoves app. I close all the windows and doors, no AC or fan, to keep the room really warm so I sweat more.

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Links: Jumpsuit: Hermano Screvino, Blazer: Silvian Heach, Shoes: Prada, Bowtie: Antony Morato; Rechts: Jumpsuit: Sergio Tacchini

The beauty industry is a giving one - always picking up new tips and tricks from artists and hairstylists, would you eventually share some of them with us?
Sure! For example, my hair is wavy/curly. When I am in vacation or now in quarantine, I usually never use a hair drier at home because the curly hair is naturally much drier than straight hair. The best is to let it dry naturally, so it doesn't harm the cuticles that are usually naturally open in curly hair. I love the Kerastase Resistance line, the mask and the leave-in serum are really good for fragile or over-processed hair. And I like to combine with the Olaplex treatment mask once or twice a week, really amazing product for damaged dry hair. After a shower in a dump hair, I add a leave-in on the body of the hair all the way through the ends and let it dry naturally. After is dry, wherever is still a little rebel, I add a little organic coconut oil with my hands - not directly in the hair otherwise looks greasy - and I squeeze the curls with the palms of my hands really letting the coconut oil penetrate the hair cuticles.


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Blazer: Antony Morato, Shirt: Frnch

PHOTOGRAPHER: ÉLIO NOGUEIRA @elionogueiraofficial
STYLING: LAUREN SMITH @lauren.ann.smith
MODEL: SOFIA RESING from NEW VERSION MODELS @sofiaresing @newversionmodels
MAKEUP: PATRICIA LIMA @patricialimaatelier
HAIR: VASCO FREITAS @vascofreitashairstylist assisted by SOFIA COUTO @sofiascouto

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