Charlotte Simone is the British Brand Offering the Best Coats to Keep Forever

There is a new favourite faux-fur brand on the horizon, and we are all here for it!
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The London-based brand Charlotte Simone takes us into faux-fur heaven. Their dreamy interpretations of 1960s Penny Lane coats and fluffy mongolian faux-fur is making us all want to get our hands on their pieces this winter. Their newest collection, launched on November 26nd, is up for grabs now for a limited time only until Thursday, 3rd of December. 

2020 has forced designer and founder of the brand Charlotte Beecham to completely roll up her sleeves and revamp her whole business model. The pandemic has hit fashion businesses hard, particularly those without the backing of large conglomerates. As a result of closing stores, Beecham updated her former retail model to limited-edition drops on her website This new model allows for more creative freedom, as she does not have to cater to a specific market other than her own. Additionally, limited quantities are a way more sustainable approach to fashion by combatting overproduction.

The brand included its customers from the start – with the resulting consensus that they want high-quality pieces they can cherish for a long time. And they succeeded: their first drop on October 1st was a huge success with +1,200% traffic to the website. Last Thursday, Charlotte Simone launched their second limited edition collection made up of fifteen capsule pieces ranging from outerwear to scarves, bags, and hats – all in typical furry fashion. They have updated many of their bestselling coats with new exciting colourways. And the best thing about it - everything remained 100% fur-free.


Charlotte Simone is notorious for its smart take on faux-fur tailoring: despite the volume of the fur, it is always lightweight and shows off the figure in the right spots. With their first limited-edition drop, Charlotte Simone also introduced their first cheetah-print Penny coat and Afghan-style Lulu in the mix. Despite the voluminous demeanour of the shaggy Lulu coat, its lightweight Mongolian faux fur makes it ideal for twisting and turning.

In the second drop, the Lulu is now available in a deep chocolate brown and black colourway, and it was also blessed with a big sister, the Cherry, which features a longer silhouette and dreamy dusty blue hues. The Dotty features a beautiful spotted fabric that works extremely well with plenty of staple wardrobe items and easily elevates a winter wardrobe. The coats make an effortless match with flared trousers and knee-high boots. 



Charlotte Simone has already amassed a cult following from reality star Kendall Jenner wearing her signature scarves to model Lottie Moss flaunting the newest Lulu style. Charlotte Simone has slowly but surely become one of the most coveted outerwear brands around, so you do not want to miss out on their limited-edition drop now live until this Thursday.



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