At 77, Catherine Deneuve is the new star of a great fashion brand

The French actress is the new face of the Saint Laurent campaign. Watch it!
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A true muse! Catherine Deneuve is the great proof that style and glamor are ageless. At 77, the French actress becomes the star of Saint Laurent, a brand in which she has a long-standing relationship. Bringing a powerful and intense aesthetic, in the teaser of the campaign the beats of the music are striking, and already show that she, one of the most respected actresses of French and world cinema, plunged once again in the bold atmosphere of the brand.


Catherine, who for years was one of the great muses of the designer Yves Saint Laurent, is a symbol of elegance. In the images captured by David Sims for Spring 2021 of the brand, she is wearing an overcoat while the wind takes her hair and makes everything even more striking.

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(Photo: Disclosure)

The star of "A Bela da Tarde" and "Indochina" is a true fan of the brand's aesthetics. In 2019, Deneuve held an auction with her Saint Laurent pieces, in which it was possible to find iconic pieces from decades like the 60s and 70s, including items she had used in major events, such as the premiere of the film in which she met Hitchcock. The accumulated total was no less than US $ 1 million.


But if we accompany her today with all this intensity, it is because she is a warrior. At the end of 2019, she spent more than a month in the hospital because of a stroke - and since then she has shown her willpower. In 2020, Deneuve also participated in a French film, entitled "Welcome to the Jungle", in which she played the character Chantal de Bellabre.

Catherine Deneuve Saint Laurent
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(Photo: Disclosure / Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris)

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