A Sit Down with Vicky Heiler: New Path, New Pace

With the launch of her label Viktoria Louise, influencer Vicky Heiler has not only created a second mainstay for herself, but also leads as a prime example for a sustainable approach in fashion, both for producers and consumers.
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“Timeless, elegant, modern” is how influencer and entrepreneur Vicky Heiler describes her label, Victoria Louise. To her, sustainability is a given, she knows the producers personally and visits them regularly on site.

Your Viktoria Louise brand was launched last year - what can you tell us about its origins?

My travels have always been a great source of inspiration to me. This also applies to the idea behind Viktoria Louise. Timeless fashion for the modern woman, no matter where she goes.

Would you say that you are your own muse?

I wouldn’t call myself my own muse, much more my greatest critic. Of course, my personal style and my handwriting flow into my designs - every piece is an absolute favorite in my wardrobe. That is the demand I make of my brand!

The fashion market is not an easy place for young labels in particular - what are the unique features of your line?

Each piece is not only of very high quality but can also be combined in many ways. I want Viktoria Louise's pieces not to be bound to a particular season. I’ve always propagated for a cost-per-wear approach, which not only makes more sense financially for the end consumer but is also more sustainable from an ecological point of view.

What are your requirements regarding the production and origin of the fabrics?

I think in 2020 fair production according to European standards should no longer be a question but a matter of course! A production location other than Europe was never an option for me. We know all the producers personally and have been on location several times. Our knitwear comes from Italy and we are currently moving swimwear from Turkey to Portugal. Many of our products are made of 100% cotton, linen, or cupro and in the future, it is our goal to further expand the sustainability of the individual components of the brand, such as packaging.

From your perspective: Is sustainability something that your generation automatically thinks about?

Sustainability and fair fashion are definitely a big and important topic at the moment. I can tell
our customers that they are becoming more mindful. Purchasing behavior also defines the way fashion is created over time.

Do you see this “buy less” principle as a contradiction to the trend-affine appearances of many of your colleagues?

You can’t generalize. No matter how trendy you are, in my opinion, the basis of personal style is having a few staple pieces in your wardrobe in which you always feel comfortable and look well dressed.

How trendy can fashion be to stay modern? Would you say trends are out?

Rules in fashion are a contradiction. Fashion is an individual and should always be an expression of the individual personality.

How do you intend to expand the collection?

The collection currently consists of 12 pieces. Most of these are in black and white. We have noticed in the past six months that there is also demand for other colors. We are currently working on the summer collection for 2020, where sustainable growth is crucial. Of course, the core values of the brand always remain in focus and serve as a starting point for everything new!

Photo: Patrick Langwallner, Rawpixel



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