A first look at the "Conscious Exclusive Collection" by H&M

Sustainable design in its most beautiful form - fashion company H&M shows that it is not just trends but also material innovations that are forming the future of fashion. We have taken a close look at the new "Conscious Exclusive Collection".
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A collection isn’t just a hype, but one that rightly deserves all the attention: the bi-annual "Conscious Exclusive Collection" from Swedish fashion group H&M. Not only because of the designs, which always convince with their special sophistication, but also because of the message they convey. As the name suggests, the company has dedicated itself entirely to sustainable luxury and so the entire collection is made from recycled materials and in a particularly environmentally friendly way. Even as a fashion connoisseur, you can learn a lot by looking through the tags! For example, the material "Vegea™" is used as a substitute for leather - it is made from waste products from the wine production. Or "Eastman Naia™ Renew", a yarn made from 60% wood fibres and 40% recycled plastic.

Inner and outer values
The ingenious thing about the collection’s looks is that the appearance and design do not have to suffer - on the contrary. With the collection, which will be available from 01.12 online, H&M proves impressively that sustainably produced clothing can be designed just as trendy and contemporary and has long since discarded the eco-image of the old days.

Zeitgeist meets classic
The new, Autumn/Winter 2020/21 collection look-book shows how this can be imagined in concrete terms:large prints, lavish embroidery and a play with volume are the aims this year. In addition to a few highlights, which undoubtedly include a matt green, ankle-length cocktail dress and a sunny yellow dress with a Carmen neckline, there are also sophisticated basics among the pieces that can be easily integrated into your own wardrobe. This clearly shows that sustainability is not only meant for special occasions but should become the new style motto.



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