5 Things SATC Teaches Us About the Ultimate Capsule-Closet

It may seem too simple to some, but the biggest style icons swear by it, just like our Sex and the City stars: basics - the basic recipe of any perfect closet.
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For 6 seasons, 94 episodes and 2 movies, Sex and the City has inspired us with extravagant and creative fashion looks of the four main characters Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Now we are excited but nervous about the new season to come – will it be the same without Samantha?

It is not only the outfits that enchant us but much more the self-confidence with which the four single ladies wear their outfits through the streets of New York. You could say that this self-confidence comes from their life experience, but each of the four women has her own problems. When we look at the outfits of the New York women, we see their identities. They all have found their own style, and they know how to express themselves through their fashion and how to use the codes of fashion:

Carrie's style is wild and surprising. She combines unexpected pieces - a printed t-shirt and a flared skirt or an embroidered dress over flared cargo pants and stilettos. The resulting look always seems to work because it's authentic.

Samantha, on the other hand (we'll miss her looks a lot in the new season), always opts for an elegant, yet sexy look, which she spices up with eye-catching accessories like chunky jewellery, a wide-brimmed hat or a thick braided belt. Even as a businesswoman, she manages to add a sexy touch to her office outfits without looking out of place.
Miranda, on the other hand, exudes a more classic image of the businesswoman. The suit is the focal point of her closet, and her looks often dip into a uniform colour palette from head to toe – a preppy style with an edge.

Charlotte wears a much more classic feminine silhouette compared to the other women. Her style features classic cuts, neat designs and soft colours that flatter her figure. But nothing beats a dainty bow, chic pumps or a statement bag.

Although, if you want to find your personal style, you should start from the very beginning – with the basics. Of course, finding one's style doesn't mean putting oneself in a certain drawer of a style direction, rather it's about expressing one's character, moods and emotions through fashion. If you want to show yourself as free-spirited, you don't have to have a Woodstock closet. An identity includes various facets for whose expression there are no 'rules of fashion' – everyone makes their own rules.

Nevertheless, a good set of timeless basics can help layout the white canvas for creativity and style discovery. It is also worthwhile to invest in certain basics and pay attention to the quality because these pieces can accompany you for a lifetime. The basics can then be styled at will, creativity and joy in the most diverse directions. We show you how our Sex and the City stars set the best example and which basics in their closets are the basis of all their looks.

1. The oversized blazer

Whether it's winter or a cool summer night, a casually fitting blazer can be thrown over any outfit to add depth to a look. Whether it's in black, white or a colourful variation, you rarely go wrong with a blazer look. Samantha shows up in many episodes wearing a blazer, both in a plain white version that brings out the red top underneath even more and a beige version with stylish snakeskin details.

2. The jeans of your life

If there is one piece of clothing that manages to survive for several decades and always stays on-trend, it's the denim pants. Our everyday companion, which enjoys the spotlight far too rarely. When looking for the jeans of your life, one should not necessarily pay attention to which denim style is currently in trend, but rather which cut and fit best accentuate one's own body. It can be a long process, but the search will be worth it! Carrie shows up in a pair of skinny jeans that flatter her slim legs and give her a sporty look. Charlotte, on the other hand, wears a pair of straight cut loose jeans, giving her classic cut coat a more casual touch.

3. Your boyfriend's white shirt

The best place to find it is in your boyfriend's closet or the men's department. The white shirt is especially versatile when it is slightly oversized. It can be worn unbuttoned over a singlet, belted as a dress, or tucked into pants. A white shirt is a perfect base for numerous looks. Carrie rocks the boyfriend look by tailoring the shirt with an eye-catching belt, and Charlotte loosens up her feminine skirt with rolled-up sleeves.

4. The little black boots

If you own a little black dress, you should also look for the little black boots. Black boots can be combined with everything; even in summer paired with a dress or shorts, boots can round off an outfit. If simple black boots are too plain for you, you might prefer an eye-catcher like Carrie, who opted for a snakeskin version. 

5. The power suit

The suit for women finds its origin through Yves Saint Laurent's 'Le Smoking' in the 60s. It is and remains a symbol of emancipation and belongs not only in the closet of the businesswoman. On the one hand, being a two-piece set makes it easier to decide what to wear in the morning, and on the other hand, it is an absolute self-confidence booster. It is not for nothing that it is the key piece of Miranda's style - we see it several times in different colours, cuts, patterns, and it always gives her an incomparable self-confidence.



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