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Tom Ford and his "very special" basics for summer 2022

Tom Ford unveils his 2022 summer collection and takes us on a dive into everyday basics that predict post-pandemic parties.
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Tom Ford closed New York Fashion Week with "Let the Sunshine In". The soundtrack gives a new facet to the everyday. And that's how you could look at it: Life as a party? But always! Especially after the last few years, the gloom of the pandemic, we crave distraction, want color and lightness. Mr. Ford has answered our prayers. As always.

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Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @tomford

Tom Ford is used to staging powerful women. He once again took on the codes of sportswear, as he has done so brilliantly before. As a classic of US fashion, it is almost a necessity for the Texan to cover it with glitter and sequins. Glamourizing homeware is the designer's new special discipline. He has already exhausted the possibilities of creating his own world at Gucci.

That we will continue to go to market with jogging outfits is clear to Tom Ford. But why not in classy glitter? Or at least a pajama party dedicated to a glamour theme? Combine the reflective tank tops reminiscent of the 70s and their lycra days as well as and sequin jackets? The parties will be in full swing again, but why can you wear a lamé overall with an over-the-top dress? For Tom Ford, the fashion of the future is this mix'n'match of wills: comfortable yes, simple never.


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Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @tomford



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