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These are 10 most important men's fashion trends for the summer 2020

Straight from the catwalks of the major fashion capitals, we present you the trends of the upcoming spring/summer season.
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London, Florence, Milan, Paris. These fashion week destinations determine the biggest trends for men every six months. There presented the fashion of tomorrow. To be more specific: of the coming year. Thus, we have to wait a bit until all parts of this style report are available for purchase, but a look at the hottest  Spring / Summer 2020 trends is still worthwhile. Because they are sometimes so cool that one or the other look may already be implemented.

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Loose and wide-cut suits are still very popular. Whether it is a single- or double-breasted, does not matter. It is only important that the pants have a certain length and thus create a sporty and comfortable feeling in combination with sneakers or sandals. If you are stylish enough, you can wear the blazer on bare skin in midsummer (Hermès) or you can take on a colorful, uniform look (Dior, MSGM).

Scarves are the trend accessory par excellence and were indispensable for the Fashion Week guests ( as well as on the catwalks of many designers. The strict and short-bound variant (Prada, Missoni, Versace) flatters rather men with narrow shoulders and no beard. Those who do not meet these criteria should resort to longer and loosely bound scarves. 

The time of the bright neon colors is over, at least for the coming summer. They are replaced by soft pastel colors. Rosé and mint tones dominate the scene here and are complemented by a faded yellow and a variety of lilac colors. How to skillfully combine pastel colors is what we see at Louis Vuitton and Thom Browne.  


Arab spring in men's fashion? Almost! At least kaftan-inspired shirts from the Spring / Summer 20 season strongly in vogue. Culturally, the almost floor-length shirts have her home in many parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. An introduction to the high fashion scene, therefore, comes as no surprise. However, the modern interpretations of the designers come from very diverse. Our highlight: the plain-colored models in ethnic look (Valentino, LOEWE, Jil Sanders). 

Yes, animal prints are also in full swing with the men and play a major role from the upcoming Fall / Winter 19 season. Whether as a jacket, coat, shirt or sweater, the animal prints from 2020  provide even more variety and are for almost any look a good combination option. Versace made the biggest statement with its half-leopard rain trench coat.

The connection between the fashion and art scene will culminate next summer. Connected by leading figures like Takashi Murakami ( or Daniel Arsham (, more and more designers are collaborating with hip, contemporary artists to fill their collection with the final creative touch. The result is abstract pieces, which will look cool and provide a guard of floral prints.


What was suggested during Fall / Winter 19 Fashion Week now finds its peak with the Spring / Summer 20 collections: Tye-Dye, Dip-Dye and Acid Wash return to the fashion stage, which they most recently rocked during the 90s. But do not worry: There will be no shrill and crazy looks à la love parade! Because the colorful ablutions and dyeings have grown up and decorated now even the suits of Ermenegildo Zegna. Summer interpretations of the trend show us Jacquemus, Amiri and Kenzo.

Mime the lonely sailor? This is at least from next summer also stylistically feasible again. Because the fashionable reinterpretation of the Nautilus look is more casual than ever, thanks to unmistakable prints, cuts, and accessories (hats, bags with cable). Above all, Sunnei succeeded in creating an impressive version of the look, which is colorfully surprising and combines avant-garde and urban elements.

Transparent tops are now also allowed for men again and underline the gender-fluid trend within the fashion industry. Thus, men in these shirts and T-Shirts not only visually present their soft side but are also able to share all models with their wife. A very useful side effect, which may facilitate one or the other purchase decision.

Nobody wants to end up alone in the desert. Not even if you look as easy as you would in those monotonous desert outfits. Bright beige and soft shades of gray dominate this trend and make it seem timeless. Functionality comes first thanks to the sewn-on and attached bag. The right headgear completes the look (Fendi, Dior, Alyx, Louis Vuitton).


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