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The Highlights of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018

Magdalena Frackowiak came back to the runway; accessories caught the eye above all else. Here's the rest of the scoop on Milan Fashion Week.
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With its one-woman-only brand, Tete talks a lot about working fashion the way he believes and that makes sense for this period. So much so that the clothes are made on demand, with possible adjustments to the clients' measurements, within a viable format for today's times. “I'm a bit of a dreamer, but the brand was born at a time when I had already learned to have my feet on the ground. The first collection was a big 'putting out' of what I wanted to do”, which translates into a mix of ample forms with the sexy-fashionist of the elastex ruffles in neutral tones (with the exception of red, its color -fetish).

The new phase, which she will be exhibiting in the next virtual edition of Casa de Criadores, already promises a post-intensity maturing of reactions for the debut on social networks – the mood will be of sunnier colors, embroidery and silhouettes close to the body. “It's a challenge to adapt what I want to do, filter out the interests, but continue to insert my identity in a way that creates desire in people.”

Ultra Shiny Lips

The Hermès family is among the wealthiest and most established in the fashion world. Founded by skilled leather craftsman Thierry Hermès in the 19th century, the luxury brand has offered the most highly prized leather goods for over a century. Thierry was succeed by his son Émile-Charles Hermès, who was then followed by his sons, Adolphe and Èmile-Maurice Hermès. In the mid-20th century, the fourth generation of the family took over, with Robert Dumas, grandson of Èmile-Maurice, stepping into the role of head executive and creative director. The French maison became fashion canon under Jean-Louis Dumas, son of Robert, who introduced clothing, jewelry, and the famed Birkin handbag to the label. Today, there are over a dozen heirs to the $49.2 billion Hermès fortune, with cousins Pierre-Alexis and Axel Dumas leading the brand.

"I have always encouraged my team to be guided by passion, to work differently. We have been together for a long time without ever following a trend. I think that's what makes us successful." - Fawaz Gruosi

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