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The fold and the craft of sewing in the collection of Julia and Renata

On Monday afternoon, the designers presented their proposal for the spring / summer season 19.
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Photography Gerardo Maldonado


"The domain of the spirits, divinities and death, and the visible, solar state, in which human beings live, is thought of as a result of a fold or wrap through which the beings of the Other Side bend over themselves to be introduced in this one, as well as human beings, we deploy ourselves - transitorily or definitively - to dissolve ourselves in that one. As in a fabric, these two states form the obverse and the reverse of existence. The fold of one - its sense - is the unfolding of the other.

In the Tzeltal language this fold of birth is known as sbot 'sba , an expression that designates a fabric or clothing turned inside out: the underside of the visible. But in the literal sense sbot 'sba means "to stare , intensely, at oneself", as happens with our image reflected in a mirror, because this is definitely the image itself: the other side of oneself. "

The hidden face of the fold , Pedro Pitarch.



This text received lovers of the aesthetics and ideology of the brand of sisters Julia and Renata Franco upon arriving at the Four Season Hotel during the second day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The concept of the fold of the garments, the manual work of this and the craft of sewing is the common thread of its spring / summer collection 19.

With the music of the Swedish artist Jay-Jay Johansson the models paraded the simple and structured silhouettes that are characteristic of the brand. Dresses and oversized pants, shirts and tops with a single sleeve and shoes in collaboration with Tributo demonstrated the intention of the designers for this season "a relationship between vertical and horizontal, figure and background, inside and outside".

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