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Saying Goodbye to "L'Officiel Austria" Founder Svitlana Lavrynovych

With this condolence message, the "L'Officiel Austria" team expresses our deepest sympathy in the bereavement of the editor of L'Officiel Austria, L'Officiel Monaco and L'Officiel Cyprus, Svitlana Lavrynovych.
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"Svitlana Lavrynovych was a visionary in every sense of the word. I can still remember the day she told me she wanted to found L'Officiel Austria. She was full of enthusiasm and fire for her project, which she created from scratch. She was always infectious and at the same time incredibly warm-hearted and sensitive," remembers Elena Jäckl, Managing Director of L'Officiel Austria. 

Uniting the Austrian fashion and art scene with international content was a major concern for Svitlana Lavrynovychs. In 2019, she brought the L'Officiel brand to Austria. The focus was and is on sustainable luxury and savoir-faire. With this, she has hit the zeitgeist.

"Svitlana was known for her drive and warmth, which made her so unique. We miss her and cannot put into words the loss of our editor and friend. Our thoughts are with her family," says Jäckl.

Her staff and colleagues appreciated her professional and visionary personality and found her to be a good friend and companion. With her positive charisma and great spirit, she has become a role model and inspiration for many.

It is with a heavy heart that the "L'Officiel Austria" team says goodbye to Svitlana and will continue her work. We will always remember her enthusiasm, passion, and kindness.

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