The 4 must-have nail polish colors for fall-winter 2020-2021

No more pastel, fall-winter 2020-201 puts the spotlight on sober seasonal varnish colors, available in warm tones, from burgundy to brown. Overview of the must-have shades spotted from the most prominent brands.
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While pastel tones have been set up as a must-have during Spring-Summer 2020, for fall-winter, warm varnish colors are taking center stage, from burgundy to brown via deep green. Shades that can warm up the season, upgraded to shiny gold for the holiday season. Here are the 4 star nail polish colors for fall-winter 2020-2021 .

The Bordeaux

The advantage of bordeaux? It matches the outfit we wear. For a rock twist, we adopt it with an all black silhouette and chunky military boots , while for a chic look, we associate it with an outfit with an assertive working girl quotient.


He is without a doubt THE star of the season. Brown is the essential color for fall-winter 2020-2021. An ideal alternative to red or burgundy, brown comes in taupe, chocolate or even clay tones to dress your fingers with a touch of elegance. Chic and understated.

Deep green

To change from black, why not opt for deep green? Upgraded with blue accents or more khaki green, the dark green varnish is the ideal solution to add a touch of color, while sober.


For the end of the year celebrations, we play the card of the first degree by opting for a golden varnish. No more glitter, this time we opt for a metallic finish ... to shine to the tips of the nails.


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