Looking for inspiration? The 6 biggest Instagram nail trends for autumn

New season, new me! While we've already got ourselves in the mood for autumn in terms of fashion, it's now also time for the right autumnal manicure. We've rounded up the biggest Instagram nail trends for the cold season:
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Milky Nails

Let's start with a trend for all those who like it classic and natural. With the Milky Nails trend, fingernails are painted in a semi-transparent white and covered with a milky finish. The clean look is meant to be somewhat reminiscent of French nails. The advantage: the nails go with any outfit. If you prefer something a little more eye-catching, you can add colour or metallic accents to individual nails.


Swirls are basically nothing more than curved lines, and we're really into them in connection with our nails this autumn! They come in all shapes and colours and always make for a great eye-catcher. Whether in combination with several colours or nail stickers - the possibilities are endless. Our tip: Be sure to use a thin brush to apply the fine lines precisely!

Electric Green aka Parakeet

No one less than Bottega Veneta coined the strong green that can be seen everywhere on Instagram at the moment with its grandiose bag models. "Parakeet" is the name of the colour of the bag models. Now the "it" colour is also hitting our nails - just what we need to give the dull season a little freshness kick! Whether painted monotonously, with patterns or in combination with nude shades, the bold green is a real highlight for more minimalist outfits in neutral tones.

Tortoise Shell

Animal prints hardly ever go out of fashion. For our nails, we are now focusing on a very specific pattern: Tortoise shell is primarily known from the accessories sector. This pattern often adorns spectacle frames or jewellery, such as earrings. In 2021, the beige-brown mottled pattern will also appear on our nails. We already love the trend because it is striking and classic at the same time!

Mismatched Nails

Mismatched Nails is a trend for all those who find it difficult to decide. The most important thing: the nails are designed differently for each hand. There are hardly any no-go's here. Our tip, so that it doesn't look too wild: Choose matching colours (e.g. pastel yellow for the left hand and pastel blue for the right) to start with. You can also play around with patterns and, for example, design just one hand in the trendy tortoise shell look. A little more discreet, but at least as cool: The Swirls trend (see above) with different line colours for each hand!

Colourful French

Admittedly, this trend has been with us since spring. But we just can't get enough of the pastel French nail designs. With a simple make-up sponge, anyone can now create the look themselves. Numerous influencers are currently demonstrating the technique, as in the reel below. But besides the classic French look where the nail tips are dipped in soft colours, the swirls trend is catching up with us here too. We think the version with finely curved lines in pastel shades is great, too! 



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