Le Baume Intégral - Céline Escand

When it comes to our skin, we are particularly careful, because we know that we only have one. Only the best is good enough and the best comes from nature. The innovative cosmetic brand "Le Baume Intégral Céline Escand" takes on this task and presents a versatile skin care range that gives your skin lasting care and an incomparable radiance.
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The O'Kryk Safe Place

FW 22/23 Collection is the O'Kryk (@okrykbrand) Safe Place. You can look for different meanings in this naming, but we are sure that everyone will find their own special one. This collection is about warmth, convenience, comfort, pleasant tactile sensations, and coziness.

Yolanda Ng: Protopian Genesis


Fashion Editorial: „Protopian Genesis” by Yolanda Ng

Inspired by the development of space tourism and exploring the possibilities of colonising Mars, the latest Editorial by photographer Yolanda Ng features designer pieces from Valentino, Ambush and Moncler.