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When it comes to our skin, we are particularly careful, because we know that we only have one. Only the best is good enough and the best comes from nature. The innovative cosmetic brand "Le Baume Intégral Céline Escand" takes on this task and presents a versatile skin care range that gives your skin lasting care and an incomparable radiance.
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Women as well as men often suffer from the same complaints when it comes to their skin. Too dry, too oily, too sensitive, the list can be extended as long as you like. Anyone who attaches importance to perfect care and rapid skin recovery should not venture into any major experiments, but instead make use of the most natural and extensively tested remedies possible. 

Le Baume Intégral combines everything that has always been desired in cosmetics and replaces several bottles and pots in your bathroom. The product line moisturizes, soothes, renews, repairs, lightens, heals, protects and smoothes your skin in a way never experienced before.



Originally, Le Baume Intégral was developed and defined as an innovative cosmetic: caring, healthy, effective and versatile. My vision: back to simplicity and naturalness. Thanks to the trust of our customers - both men and women - in 2018, the story continued and Le Baume Intégral's product range was expanded with even more effective products adapted to different skin types.Since I attach great importance to the effectiveness of my products, all my products are extensively tested and Ecocert certified.

The naturalness is reflected in the pure composition of active ingredients, which guarantee safety for the skin and at the same time offer a high cleansing effect. Moisturizing, soothing, radiating, healing and lifting are the main features of the product range. With its chic bottle, trendy design and 2 formats, bathroom and travel, Le Baume Intégral has become a trusted partner for beauty.

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In developing Baume Intégral, I wanted to create a natural cosmetic treatment with a cultural, feminine and artistic history.Through my passion for art and the collaboration with artists, I created these beautiful creations around the brand Le Baume Intégral.
Packaging, illustrations, collages, colours, posters, postcards, paintings, photos, visual and digital communication, etc. All these wonderful encounters with local creative people in Saint-Remy, artists, graphic designers, painters, illustrators and photographers, have contributed to the present image of Baume Intégral.

Caroline Hulin, Véronique Jacquard, Caroline Frenay, Mireille Pera, Capsule Communication, Thierry Teisseire, 


My vision is to bring you closer to the local artists and their special talents through Baume Intégral!



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