Hybrid Beauty - Cosmetics with Multiple Effects

A foundation that not only gives you a flawless complexion but also nourishes the skin like a serum? Cleansing oil that emulsifies on the skin to form a gentle milk, effortlessly removing makeup and dirt from the face? We present: Hybrids in makeup and skincare products.
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What are Hybrid Cosmetics?

"Hybrid" refers to a mixture or crossing of different species or systems. For example, a hybrid car is powered by an electric motor and a gasoline engine. In cosmetics, the different active ingredients are bundled in one product, and different textures are created that harmonize with each other. By combining different technologies, the individual product benefits are combined, complemented and expanded.

Well-known examples of hybrid cosmetics are BB and CC creams, which have been around for some time now. They enhance the skin's appearance with a light tint, visually conceal small wrinkles, moisturize, and often contain an SPF that protects the skin from sun-induced ageing. Cleansing Balms, which turn into a tenderly melting oil when applied to the skin and emulsify into a gentle cleansing milk in contact with water, are also hybrid beauty products. This 3-in-1 combination not only thoroughly removes makeup and dirt from the skin but also nourishes it.

What Are the Advantages of Hybrid Skin Care Products and Makeup?

One clear advantage is that you can save a few steps in your skincare routine. A facial cleanser that cleanses the skin in just one step due to its emulsifying properties eliminates the need for additional products, such as a separate eye makeup remover or follow-up cleansing with micellar water. Many such hybrid facial cleansers also have nourishing properties that prevent a feeling of tightness after cleansing.

The same applies to foundations that contain caring ingredients and a sun protection factor, or BB and CC creams that combine multiple effects.

Hybrid Cosmetics: Brands with Masterful High-Tech Solutions

Erborian, for example, offers a wide range of innovative products that combine several active ingredients in a single product. Starting with the 2-in-1 MILK & PEEL BALM - makeup removal balm, cleansing oil and a gentle enzyme peeling in one product - through effective BB and CC creams that nourish, protect and improve the skin and illuminate it with light-reflecting pigments.

Guerlain also relies on hybrid cosmetics and combines innovative technologies in unique formulations. The Youth Watery Oil from the Abeille Royale range, for instance, combines the high-quality effect of a serum with the rich ingredients of oil while feeling as light as water.

La Mer's Soft Moisture Powder Foundation SPF 30 is, so to speak, a liquid foundation in powder form that also contains nourishing active ingredients and sun protection. The ultra-light hybrid formula gives the skin a flawless appearance and creates a fresh and healthy complexion.

The new Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF 20 by Clinique with innovative 3-serum technology is bursting with effective ingredients that sustainably care for and improve the skin. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes, salicylic acid combats impurities, vitamin C and the exclusive molecule UP302 soften pigmentation spots, and SPF 20 protects against sun-related skin ageing.

Hybrid Beauty - Cosmetics of the Future?

Skincare and make-up products that combine several effects in one product not only save us time and money, they also go easy on resources: instead of using five different products, only one is needed, which reduces packaging waste.

This fact, combined with the many benefits and innovative technologies offered by hybrid cosmetics, makes it clear that hybrid beauty is not just a trend – it’s cosmetics of the future.



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