Gucci's new lipstick series with 36 colours

Gucci returns to the beauty game with brand new products!

Gucci, who has made a strong and fast start to the new year with his collection of jewels, has decided to revive the beauty foot he has not worked on for a while. The world-famous Italian giant prepared to animate the world of beauty came up with a brand new lipstick series designed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Available on the world market online on May 4, there are 36 different shades of lipstick, from dark red to glamorous pink. Inspired by the, Art deco lar movement, the lipsticks are attracted by their packaging.

Alessandro Michele said that she was inspired by the vintage fashions of the 50s when she prepared the collection. Lipsticks makeup the most fun products. Because she reminds us of the crayons children use. It also symbolizes all the famous lips from Hollywood. Aynı


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