Here Are The Best Natural Products For Your Body & Soul

Naturally beautiful: sustainable natural cosmetics are good for our skin and protect the environment.
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The desire for a consumer world in which the values of health and sustainability are lived transparently has intensified during the corona crisis. Animal experiments, dubious chemicals, hidden toxins - we just read the ingredients again. More and more people want to do without what was part of the beauty business yesterday. Natural cosmetics have found their way from the eco niche of health food stores to the branches of drugstore chains. And in the EU, 1300 (!) Ingredients that were previously used are already banned. The latest trend is called clean beauty. The cool, sustainable sister of natural cosmetics appeals to trend-conscious millennials. »Clean« means clean in every respect. With all the hype, the topic of »greenwashing« shouldn't be neglected either. Because sometimes products are less green than they initially appear. Unfortunately, "natural cosmetics" is not a protected term. You can play it safe if you rely on certified natural cosmetics. The evaluation criteria are transparent and are constantly monitored. The best-known natural cosmetics seals include Nature , Ecocert , the BDIH seal, and Demeter .




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